Back with the question about Shopify – it will be really helpful if so…

Back with the question about Shopify – it will be really helpful if somebody could help me. So my client setups 2nd shop on Shopify. It has multiple categories. Thing is that some of the products are in more than one category, which results in multiple URLs for the same products: /product-page/ /collection/category1/product-page/ /collection/category2/product-page/ /collection/category3/product-page/ and so on. Shopify developer we are working with now says that there is no possibilities to switch only to short URL and stop using dynamic routing. To be honest I would prefer to use only short links to products across all existing categories so there is no possibility to generate multiple URLs. Is it even possible? Ive placed canonicals already but I would like to minimize situations when Google has to decide about doing something. Admins – if I will find information in other groups – I will remove post from here because its not pure SEO question.

Heaven Robertson: Ymmv but I dont think this is an issue you must sweat over. I have some sites with some horrible urls and they seem to do alright. As long as youre not searching for the perfect url, you can make every url unique by appending the ProductId.

Alice Kim: Its not about the way the URLs look. It;s more about the way Shopify serves the same product placed in different categories. Different categories – different URLs.

Vivienne Reed: Simple tweak within your liquid template to only reference product.url

Alice Kim: Wow, this looks like an idea.