Are bees and wasps friends? Edit: I meant do you think they are friend…

Are bees and wasps friends? Edit: I meant do you think they are friends with each other? Lmao

Rylan Simon: Okay so heres my theory: Bees are somewhat scared and intimidated by wasps because of a story one bees older brothers friend told him once about a dangerous wasp and somehow it spread but wasps are actually really lovely and although they seem kinda aggressive and tough are actually really sweet just a bit introverted and want to be friends with the bees but are too shy

Kyleigh Lee: This is so cute I could cry

Kaleb Cummings: I feel like wasps are bee bodyguards

Rylan Simon: Idk why thats just the feeling I get from them

Kyleigh Lee: Kaleb Cummings: Trust me, wasps are CUNTLORDS

Rylan Simon: nooo theyre just misunderstood

Kaleb Cummings: Kyleigh Lee: youre totally not wrong but I feel like they got a soft spot for bees. Like do they even kill bees? Or other bugs?

Rylan Simon: no clue!

Kyleigh Lee: From a science center in NZ: Wasps eat a wide range of invertebrates including spiders, caterpillars, ants, bees, and flies. It has also been suggested that wasps may prey on nestling birds.

Rylan Simon: or that they feel the need to protect the bees

Rylan Simon: nOOooo

Rylan Simon: thats tragic

Kyleigh Lee: OMG ON THE SAME WEBPAGE LMAO:The most frequently asked questions are:…See more

Rylan Simon: BAHAHA

Kyleigh Lee: RIP IN PEACE

Madeleine Barker: No. Wasps are evil

Julian Wilkins: bees yes wasps no

Ainsley Montgomery: Bees, yes. Wasps, no.

Celine Conner: Some wasps actually go, take over bed hives and eat the babies. So no.

Abigail Barnes:

Joshua Hicks: oh i thought you meant friends with each other

Rylan Simon: That is what is meant! I think

Charlee Bennett: Me too!

Leah Gibbs: me too

Scarlet Dawson: Yes.

Skyla Hale: Wasps kill bees

Andrew Gutierrez: Bees yes Wasp no

Georgia Schmidt: Bees and wasps are both good and important to the environment. So yes theyre friends.

Collin Murray:
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Kaleb Cummings: This is all amazing information

Imani Wolfe: Bees yes, wasps no

Scarlet Dawson::


Charlee Bennett: I thought you meant friends with each other…. 🧐

Kaleb Cummings: That is what I meant 😂😂

Luca Garrett: bees yes, wasps hell no!

Scarlet Dawson: Wasps are very territorial so… Im gonna say probs not. I mean bees are passive enough it could work, but Id assume the friendship would turn abusive quickly.

Kennedy Price: Wasp/bee fights on YouTube say no

Kenzie Vaughn: Bees arent friends but theyre good. Wasps are assholes and still not friends. Bees AND wasps are not friends.

Grace Dixon: Wasps are satans flies.

Lily Hampton: bees necessary for foodsome wasp species necessary for foodsome asshole species of both exist.

Catalina Farmer: Like with us or with each other?

Grayson Ortiz: They are our best friend and there are so many kinds and we must be here to protect them from drowning in pools

Kaden Jordan: Wasps are bee heartless.

Cody Harris: No, its purely carnal.

Briana Thompson: Wasps had no concept of friendship, only hatred and vengeance.

Summer Ward: I dont believe wasps are capable of friendships. When you are that big of an asshole, you have no friends