Have you ever met a celebrity (not a YouTubeur or a politician)? And w…

Have you ever met a celebrity (not a YouTubeur or a politician)? And was he/she nice to you, where you disapointed? Edit: Ive read all the answers and its so awesome, most of celebrities that people state are decent people !

Charlotte Logan: I met Donovan Bailey, who has the same home town as me. Hes a fucking dick

Jack Edwards: Omg, spill the teaaa !

Charlotte Logan: my dad saw him in pull up to a bookstore and park right in front of it. When I walked up to him he brushed me away

Ava Hayes: I met Jason Schwartzman, he was polite even tho I was bothering him at like 7am at the airport

Zayden Gill: I fucking LOVE Jason Schwartzman

Alanna Olson: One time I met Dan Lambton from Real Friends and he was the sweetest angel I have ever met. He got me and my friend back into the venue (no re-entry under 21) after we had gone outside to meet him.

August Patton: omg Im jealous he sounds like such a sweetheart

Madison Holmes: tom higgenson (Plain White Ts) is from my town and ive seen him around town once or twice and hes very nice. he also played at my middle school when i was in 6th or 7th grade as well haha

Knox Mason: Rob Zombie. He was nice! He smelled so good too

Olivia Carter: Really?? As much as I love him I never imagined him smelling particularly great

Knox Mason: He smelled like patchouli and some beautiful cologne. He let me hug him! We did a meet and greet at one of his shows

Lucille Butler: I met Damon Albarn when he was drunk as a fart at a party and that will forever be the biggest bragging moment for me

Braelyn Lynch: omlll im jealous

Lucille Butler: this will make u more jealous 😉

Kingston Frank: I met the drummer of Europe. He is married to my mom👀 He is very nice!

Jack Edwards: Wow I wasnt expecting that ! Thats nice !

Faith Vasquez: You mean like, final countdown Europe?

Jonah Wise: i met x factors host

Lucille Butler: Me too!!!

Jack Edwards: Which one ?

Michaela Huff: I met Sabrina Carpenter (an actress most known from Disney) & she was the most genuine human I have ever met. I didnt think she was even real when I met her.

Annie Tate: I met Kevin Olusola and Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix. Sweetest dudes ever, they are so nice.

Jazmin Sims: I met David Essex once – he was such a great guy! Also met Matt Cardle, who was pretty decent too.

Sophia Flores: Comedians, mostly. And Edgar Wright and Nick Frost. Ive never had a bad experience but the particularly god ones were with Edgar Wright Stewart Lee.

Cecilia Wood: I met Ben Affleck at a meditation I went to. He was super nice and laid back.

Sienna Roberson: Yes! Tom Odell and Jamie T. Both really friendly (but shy lol)

Sienna Roberson: Doin a thread of photos bc why not, heres where I first met Kate Nash

Sienna Roberson: The most recent time (last summer)

Luis Edwards: I met Raven Symoné when I was 11. She was nice but very sleepy.

Iris West: I met James corden on the set of doctor who.He was lovely.

Caroline Herrera: Hes the husband of a friends friend. She says hes a dick. Glad to hear hes at least nice to fans.


Grant Medina: Ooh, Ive met Cody Linley (Jake Ryan from Hannah Montana), Kimberly Matula (The Bold and the Beautiful), and Chance the Rapper!

Marlee Patrick: omg what was Chance like?

Grant Medina: So nice! He gives really good hugs!

Matteo Walker: Montel Williams is a fucking blessing and a ray of sunshine.

Knox Mason: He tweeted me once and i almost died

Christina Hayes: Ive met Chuck Palahniuk 3 times (probs doesnt count as a celeb to most). Hes such a cool damn dude.

Annie Tate: Im jealous! Hes literally my favourite author, I own so many of his books.

Christina Hayes: Annie Tate: yes same! Hes so funny and calm and easy to chat with! It was so exciting to meet him

Vera Ball: A couple, actually. Hung out with Redfoo and his crew a bunch, met All Time Low 7-8 times now. Miley Cyrus, Gaga, some kids from Glee. Foo and ATL were probably the nicest

Jack Edwards: Wow, was it linked to tourne job or something?

Vera Ball: Nah, most were through concerts and stuff like that. And I was kinda part of Foos major twitter fandom a few years ago so he knows me from that

Jackson Graves: I met Walter Koenig. He was transphobic.

Annie Tate: Gross. Unrelated, but your profile picture is amazing.

Jackson Graves: Haha thank you

Tessa Cox: I met Eric Andre. Very normal and polite

Zayden Gill: Holy shit really?

Tessa Cox: Zayden Gill: Yeah, v nice and chill dude

Ruth Lopez: The most famous people Ive met is big time rush and Kendall and Logan were absolute sweethearts like I almost cried because of how nice they were being

Ruth Lopez: Ive also met tons of band members like Marianas Trench, issues, icon for hire, echosmith, and such and everyone was nice

Cecilia Wood: I also met Jason Mewes at the LA premire of Todd and The Book of Pure Evil. Once again super nice guy.

Paige Osborne: Adam Sandler. Suuuuper chill, and generally awesome. Really down-to-earth.

Faith Vasquez: Ive always thought that despite how much everyone hates his movies, he seems like a really nice, genuine, guy.

Paige Osborne: I know, I always wanna stick up for him because he just makes movies with his friends. Its always the same actors, its something he likes doing, they dont have to be amazing–theyre a way to make money alongside his friends. Speaking of his friends, Ive heard Kevin James is absolutely atrocious. But, again, I really cant speak to Sandlers character enough. Youd never even know hes famous. He was standing next to me on his own set, and even then I had to do a double-take. He doesnt make a deal about being famous at all.

Colin Young: Johnny Depp is super sweet! Ive got to hang out with him a couple times because hes friemds with my uncle, and hes just the best. Last time I saw him he promised to go on space mountain with me, but that was years ago and I doubt he remembers.

Christina Hayes: Ive also met Billy West who was, hands down, the most thoughtful, caring and generous celebrity Ive ever met.

Adalynn Lewis: ive met lots of celebrities and am friends with some but the one that sticks out most is that i met rob riggle a few years ago and he was a dick.

Valeria Knight: I won a radio contest to meet R&B singer Mario. He was very nice tbh

Lorenzo Kelly: Ive met the top ten American idols and they were so incredibly nice!

Annabelle Mccoy: Shaun White is an absolute sweetheart

August Patton: Ive heard different but I want to like him so thats reassuring

Rylie Klein: Met a bunch of actors from the Whedonverse – Danny Strong, Kali Rocha, Morena Baccharin, Christina Hendricks. A Canadian singer named Eric Nagler both as a child and after he became sort of a relationship / sex coach?

Trinity Martinez: Ive met mostly members of pop punk & hardcore/metal core bands.Patty Walters- SO GREATTyler Dennen- ALSO GREATTravis of We The Kings (idr his last name)- p chillPalaye Royale- awesome. My story abt them will be in the repliesBoston Manor- Great !!!Get Scared- WOO !!

Trinity Martinez: Okay so during a tour w I See Stars headlining. Worcester MA date. They had said something about how we were the best date. I had been up front and since Im a shit head I said “haha everyone says that.” AND THEY HEARD ME and the lead singer gave me a hug while they were on stage

Zayden Gill: Robin Lord Taylor. He was a cool dude. I almost met Jason Mamoa.

Cassidy Burton: Ari Ana and I met Corey Feldman, and it was the most bizarre experience we may have ever had…

Mateo Walsh: What a strange man

Cassidy Burton: Even more than youd imagine

Naomi Carter: Yes, and he was pretty cool. Met Steve Buscemi on an elevator. Pretty chill guy, and made me laugh.

Danna Snyder: this is my dream

Cecelia James: I worked with him once, the best! Id marry him in a heartbeat 😀

Aviana Rivera: Met Jason Isaacs and he was super nice and friendly and funny.

Virginia Marsh: Nick Jonas and he gave me the bitchy hand to the face no when I asked for a selfie

Aviana Rivera: Ugh, exactly what Id expect of him :/

Alyssa Thompson: My bf met all the Jonas brothers and they took a pic with him and even went down the water park slide with him, maybe his fame has got to his head

Madilyn Wright: Ive met an indie band I liked and they were all really sweet to my disabled sister without having to be informed she was coming, but Ive also met some of the artists I strive to be like and they were …. one was awesome one didnt know he was famous and the other totally knew and had an ego the size of Montana

Zayden Gill: Oh fuck same

Madilyn Wright: Zayden Gill: the one with the crazy ego I was at a meet and greet and I said hello and she didnt even look at meLikeOk fine binch

Zayden Gill: I got a chance to I interview a few indie bands on the radio show I host. The people from lilith were absolutelt amazing and sweet and charming and they were such an amazing band too

Zayden Gill: They were my fav people Ive ever met

Heidi Mccoy: Depends what you mean by celebrity. If not a youtuber or politician Im not sure what you are defining celebrity as

Jack Edwards: A celebrity other than a youtuber or a politician

Gage Wilson: Bebe Rexha. She was really nice but super awkward.

Naomi Carter: I met Gordon Ramsey in a restaurant once; pretty nice and kind actually

Jack Edwards: Omgc Im so jealous !

Rylie Klein: GRs raeg is played up. I wish he didnt cheat on his wife though.

Hudson Powers: Both times I met Zac Efron he was AMAZING Frank Iero was also lovely and gave a pretty good hugPitbull gave us a hi-5 lmao

Aubrie Mendez: I met Jamie Foxx who is a super nice guy

Christian Chapman: I met Baldrick from Black Adder (Tony Robinson) and he was sooooo sweet and lovely!

Maia Hubbard: I met Mister Rogers when I was 4 and he was exactly the same in person as he was on his show

Harper Jensen: Ive met Chad Krueger a few times. He lives in the Greater Vancouver area. The first time was at Crescent Beach in White Rock. He was super cool. We talked for a while, I smoked (he didnt but was okay with me smoking). Mostly talked about just general life stuff, like favorite places to eat and whatever. About 7 months after that, he came into the Tim Hortons I was working at. I didnt think hed recognize me, but he did. My break was literally right then, so he sat with me (outside in the smoke pit, actually), and same thing, we just talked. We are both from small town Alberta, so I think that helped a lot. He was a real nice guy. Very well spoken, very bright, had great observations about things. I may not like Nicklebacks music, but I respect the shit out of him. I could barely believe he was the same guy, honestly.

Winter Maxwell: I met the lead singer of Volumes and he was super sweet and fuckin gorgeous

Mallory Daniel: Ive only met Shane Dawson, never a “real” celeb

Rosemary Collier: Uhhh I love him

Mallory Daniel: Me too 🙂

Zayden Gill: My one life goal though is to meet Iggy Pop.

Alexandra Byrd: Michael Cera is just as awkward as youd imagine but really really sweet

Zayden Gill: I wish I couldve met Chris Farley or Andy Kaufman

Alison Love: Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers), Kellin and Nick (Sleeping With Sirens)

August Patton: what were they like? Im afraid to ruin my perfect mental image of Nick but I gotta know

Alison Love: They were the sweetest the could be, Nick gave me his guitar pick and everything, even though I didnt even ask

Adelina Harmon: too many to count rn but they were all lovely except for dessa. z berg was the nicest ❤️

Titus Douglas: I met Bear grylls and he was LOVELY he called me han

Zion Mendoza: Thats wholesome I feel better knowing that

Spencer Mills: Ive been to a lot of Horror cons and Ive met a lot of nice people. Matthew Lillard sticks out in my mind. As does Robert England.

Naomi Carter: Robert Englund is so kind.

Hayden Watson: When I met Fil Thorpe-Evans (bassist for Neck Deep) in person he was really kind and was cracking jokes with everyone.When I met Daisy Clementine Smith (super model/musician) she was super nice and funny, and she really wanted to hear all about me. Her sister, Pyper America Smith (also a super model/musician), was also super nice and had a great sense of humor. So basically, all of the famous people Ive met are nice and funny.

Hayden Watson: also met “Bob the Builder” in preschool. he was pretty rad i think

Freya Garcia: I met AFI minus Davy (he was sick 🙁 ) in high school. They were pretty nice 🙂

Ana Olson: Ron Perlman was super nice to me after he found out the girl he was actively trying to fuck was my wife.

Daleyza Bowman: And you didnt let him?!

Ana Olson: Daleyza Bowman: it wasnt that long ago so it was after Hellboy. If it was during, she probably wouldnt be my wife anymore.

Diana Gordon: I met Rob Riggle and he was really nice

Serena Owen: I met jim carrey

Kaydence Richardson: Thats my dream. Was he nice?

Serena Owen: He was actually! Its hard to not be happy around him, hes just so genuinely kind

Arabella Walters: I met Smashmouth and the lead singer tried to sleep with my cousin and I 😂 Hes still my friend on Facebook and used to message me every once in awhile

Danna Snyder: id fuck him tbh

Arabella Walters: I had just gotten married 2 months prior 😂 If I was single I would have considered it

Macy Rodriquez: Josh Dun walked into me in Dallas and he was so sweet and made sure I was okay and when I wished him luck at his show that night he said thank you so sincerely that I cried on the way home because he was so nice

Henry Sims: Met a good few, but got to say the Impractical Jokers/Tenderloins are all genuiely nice men same with SteveO and Austin Carlile!

Elliana Peters: Steveo was kinda a dick to me

Kyrie Mendoza: I had a feeling the guys from impractical jokers would be nice ❤ thanks for the confirmation

Julianna Vargas: Jo dee messina. Country star that was big when i met her. She said i smelled amazing when i hugged her and she asked what glitter i used on my collar bones. I told her Claires( this was 15 years ago when i was in high school) and she thanked me. I wss just embarrassed because my Pervy dad had to hit on her and i felt so shamed that he was with me. Hes so damn gross. Jo dee was a champ though and told me its ok.

Jazmin Keller: I met the Topp Twins. I cant remember much because I was pretty wasted but I do remember they were incredibly lovely despite me not making much sense

Cheyenne Harrington: Harry Conic Jr at a restaurant in DC

Cheyenne Harrington: John Stamos in Disneyworld lmao

Jayce Glover: Yes they were so sweet

Maia Hubbard: Oh, also Ronnie Hobbs. Hes been in a few things but hes best known for being one of the producers of the Friday the 13th game that came out recently. He lives nearby and is really friendly.

Jonathan Walters: Kelsey Grammer- I was in HS and we went on a trip to the state zoo. He was there with his family. He was nice-ish. As an adult, I now realize he just wanted his family time.Dave Matthews- Extremely nice and personable.

Brody Miller: I met Fran Kranz. We talked about Shakespeare and drank beer. It was awesome.

Alyssa James: Jude Law. Super nice!

Jasper Steele: I would lose my brain.

Braelyn Lynch: Colin Kaepernick used to work for my dad, he was really nice- the kind of person that wouldnt get mad at you no matter what you did (or at least to your face lol)

Ryker Sanchez: I met Drew Lynch and Stella! He was so sweet and shy and Stella kept nudging my hand for me to pet her. ❤

Danna Snyder: not me but my dad went to school with The Tragically Hip (a canadian band) and did security for ac/dc and def leppard once and got to hang out w them. Apparently the Hip are all assholes but ac/dc are super down to earth and nice

Elliana Peters: My uncle was the personal chef for the hip, he said they were awesome

Danna Snyder: Elliana Peters: Gord downie once asked my dad for 5$ for lunch and never gave it back lmaoi think my dad just doesnt like anyone tho

Reagan Underwood: Martin shkreli – loser david koechner – really chill guykate flannery – shes really nicechris katan- hes a sad manmy mom got flipped off by russel crowe once

Reagan Underwood: toby mcguire too he SUCKS

Jeremiah Brooks: I met Koechner. He was cool as hell. <3
Naomi Carter: I met Nathan Fillion, and he ate the cookies that I had for William Shatner (didnt realise it was Nathan until my friend said something about Nathan stealing my cookies and then walking away). I made a lot of small talk with him and thought he was just behind me in line. 12/10 would recommend Also, William Shatner is a jerk; I didnt even get to meet him because he closed the line early.

Timothy Barnes: Me and my cousin were eating at the same restaurant as Jack White once. She went up to him and asked for a pic but he said no cause he was with his fam. Super cool though, gave her some weird looking baseball card with his pic on it lol

Gunner Hawkins: Ive met Ice-T and he was nice to me. I met the Jonas Brothers several times and most of them were nice but Kevin was a drip.

Jordan Townsend: Ice-T!! Thats awesome!!

Francisco Torres: I met Alex day in like 12 #shootme

Aubrey Hale: Dr Phil, Bret Michaels, and SmashMouth

Jeremiah Brooks: Spoken to David Koechner briefly. He was nice.Met James Morrison (Bill Buchanan from 24) on Twitter; we had conversations from time to time. He was super chill. I like him a lot.

Charli Anderson: April ONeil. Cool cat

Brady Tate: I met All Time Low, Blink 182 and the cast of Breaking Bad

Gunner Hawkins: omg how was the cast of breaking bad??

Brady Tate: They were so nice!! I was on crutches because I had surgery on my knee and the were so caring about it it was awesome!

Meredith Kennedy: Not really a celebrity but I met Belle at Disney World and she was an absolute bitch to meEdit: WHY SOME YALL LAUGHING

Lucille Butler: Oh I also met Gerard Way once

Elliot Morgan: You did not youdidnot oh my god what is he like Im going to cry

Lucille Butler: he was an angel

Cadence Johnson: I met Zach Callison! He was such a sweetie and very cute. He made sure the selfie we took was ok so said that we could take as many as we want until I was pleased lol

Richard Hawkins: Miss May I, Tonight Alive, The Summer Set and Escape The Fate. They were all fucking awesome.

Angelica Reid: I met Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. They let me hang out with them in a closed off section of a meet and greet. Jay Rock hit on me and I butt fucking ugly back then.

Juliana Quinn: i met lady gaga when i was like 11 and she was ridiculously sweet

Graham Stevens: David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson only live a couple of miles from me and I see them in my village. Theyre dicks.

Lucille Butler: Ewwwwww move house immediately

Melody Snyder: I met Jack Nickleson in an airport, but I didnt immediately recognize him. He looked familiar and I was looking at him, trying to put a name to the face. I guess I looked too long, because he said to me, What the fuck are you looking at? And I was offended, so I said just as aggressively, I thought I was looking at a guy with a cool job that had entertained me in the past, but apparently, all I was looking at was your common everyday asshole. He looked at me for a long time and then burst out laughing. Then we had drinks in the first class lounge. Cool dude…eventually….

Jordan Townsend: Omg, Im so fing jealous…

Naomi Carter: Ive met many wonderful voice actors and screen actors as well (tends to happen when one works the convention circuit). Only other person that comes to mind was Kevin Sorbo in terms of niceness. He helped me up when I tripped and fell, stayed long enough to make sure I was all right before leaving.

Addison George: I met randy couture, he was probably the nicest celebrity Ive ever met.

Harlow Mathis: Joseph Melendez, Bart shatto, Marta Rainer, and numerous others were all nice.

Mallory Bowers: Ive met fall out boy a few times and theyre all great but Patrick stump is amazing

John Rowe: I work in Germany and the band Blind Pilot came into my bar on a whim to charge their phones. Im from Portland and so are they and they were beyond nice and played a little impromptu show for us. They were really wonderful people.

Rosalie Bradley: I met Al Franken multiple times and he was a delight. Im a huge SNL nerd so I think I was starry eyed the whole time lol. We also met John C. Reily on a flight and he was nice and took pics with people who wanted them.

Charley George: I met Trace Cyrus (Mileys brother and ex-lead singer of Metro Station). He was very nice and gave me a hug

Bennett Strickland: I met Paige and Natalya from WWE and theyre sweethearts!

Elise Vaughn: Tons! Through various jobs. My dad and Dwight Yoakam were besties and he used to come around all the time when I was a kid. Hes the sweetest.

Jordan Townsend: He seems like he would be. Too cool!

Rowan Phillips: Thom Yorke, he was friendly, unassuming.George RR Martin, he was chatty and friendly and very interesting.The Duke of Edinburgh, he was formal and polite and didnt say anything insensitive 😁

Lana Stevenson: I met James Cosmo at Manchester Comic-Con in 2014. He was very modest.

Delilah Ballard: I met priscilla Presley and she was so amazing She was beautiful and so polite and softly spoken <3
Lucy Carlson: I met Justin Beiber once at a restaurant I was working at. I ran his food.

Phoenix Cortez: Did he tip you

Lucy Carlson: I wasnt his server that time. I just ran his food

Layla Ward: Jared Leto was an asshole

Mckenna Roberts: Huh? What happened?

Isaac Padilla: what he do ?

Adelynn Ferguson: Dont know if it counts but I am friends with the girl who was once in a minor sex scandal with Robbie Williams (sex/giving head at hotel elevator–2001). Shes cool (also a former Miss Turkey). Funny Robbies now also married to a Turk must have a very specific taste lol.

Kylee Wise: Holy shet

Peyton Cox: I read this as Robin Williams and I just

Mckenna Roberts: I havent met anyone and I feel left out, so Im just gonna say who Id wanna meet 😂 Either Andy Biersack, or Ronnie Radke 🖤

Kameron Stevens: I met CJ Pierce from Drowning pool and he called me hot. Made my goddam year.

Jordan Townsend: Lol, I bet!!

Rachel Warner: Ive met Donna Hay who is a well known Australian chef (well, shes not actually, but she has her own cooking show and magazine). I met her and she was amazingly lovely! I got a book signed by her and it was inspiring to talk to her 🙂

Cecelia James: Thats nice to hear as Ive heard she can be a bit of a shrew.

Rachel Warner: I guess I was there for a book signing so she had to be nice haha But she did seem genuine towards me and we had a selfie together, it was a special moment. But I have met someone who used to work on her mag and she was so nice that she didnt want to say anything mean, but she alluded to the fact that she was hard to work with

Charli Anderson: I met Albert Einstein. He wanted a nickel.

Kimberly Mason: I threatened to slit Brian Limonds throat. He was a pure chap.

Oakley Kim: pure chap sounds like youre describing him as good

Kimberly Mason: He was great. I wish we were closer

Skye Romero: Ive met futuristic, Eddie from Emmure, and Ryan Kirby from FFAK. Kirby was so fucking cool

Evelyn Long: I met part of fifth harmony at a the holiday inn we were staying at when they were still newish lol and they were super sweet

Zuri Lloyd: Carrie Fisher was a subtle bitch but did give me a hug so I still cried when I met her

Brynn Wong: Russell Crowe once told my friend and I to fuck off after we said hello to him :/

Cecelia James: That is Gold!! 😂😂 Ive worked with him, hes actually pretty cool in the right circumstances.Go Russ 😄

Ana Newton: SteveO from jackass. He was nice enough. Took a selfie with everyone who stood in line for one!

Thiago Tyler: a family friend dated steve-o which i hear is a pretty fun experience

Teagan Nunez: M83 and he was cool af and we smoked and talked about music. His drummers english wasnt great tho so he was kinda quiet but both great guys

Kate Collier: loads, because its part of my job, but actually there are none that id say were arseholes, obviously many nicer than others, and a few im still in touch with, but none i can think of that were actually bad … and actually one or two that have a general public perception of being harmless but not cool and just kind of crap who turned out to be really ace people, so different than what you think they will be like. to be fair though, its probably a bit different when you are working together, than if you are random stranger approaching them, theyre not likely to be rude or avoid crew.

Nicole Stone: may i ask whats your job 🙂

Malia Jacobs: No politicians? Dang, I live in D.C. we dont get anything but politicians here.

Jack Edwards: Okay, Ill let you !

Dylan Mcgee: Right?! I live in DC too… the most memorable celeb that I met was Michelle Obama

Dawson Snyder: My aunt married Harrison Fords son. They are now divorced but Harrison is my cousins grandpa. Havent seen him since I was a kid though!

Elliana Floyd: Tommy Lee Jones. Insufferable cunt. Lamarcus Aldridge, super cool dude

Graham Larson: Katrina of & The Waves fan is a friend of my fiancées family. Ive had a pub lunch with her. She has a great dog and speaks in an endearingly laid-back Californian drawl.

Alayah Clarke: Tyler the Creator. It was at Macys. The whole thing was super weird. Exactly what you would expect from him.

Ashley Wong: Martha Stewart, insufferably rude to service

Edith Hansen: Why were u servicing Martha Stewart

Ashley Wong: I was singing christmas carols at her christmas party, she wouldnt let her umbrella holders wear jackets as they guided guests from house to house in the rain because they needed to show their christmas sweaters and made me and my 3 fellow singers stand out in the rain despite claiming wed be singing by the fire place and kept forgetting who we were asking why we were at her house

Renata Mcdonald: Seen Russel Wilson at least 5 times. I work at the Space Needle and one time he just walked out with a 60 dollar Space Needle statue and Im like.. Huh

Ariah Medina: I met a Danish actor at a bar. We talked for a few hours about whatever. He was very nice.

Edith Hansen: Frank Iero. He was nice, took a picture and signed my album, but he was totally high out of his mind BEFORE the show. It makes total sense looking back lmao but it was kinda discouraging for 13 year old me lmao

Briella Fisher: Chad Kruger wrote my company a letter about how we dont care enough

Graham Larson: I hope he included a photograph and asked that you look at it.

Briella Fisher::


Iker Fields: Yeah! Ive met Jordin Sparks, Rascal Flatts, Tim Tebow, and Fred Durst. They were all super duper nice. Fred was a little too nice. According to my dad he was hitting on me 😅

Amari Jennings: I met David Draiman, Dan Donegan, and the rest of Disturbed once. They were awesome and nice. David was absolutely hilarious as well.

Willa Perry: Maynard from Tool. Polite but not overly friendly. Pretty much what I expected. Several other rock / blues musicians who have all been friendly as far as I can remember..

Remington Matthews: He does not like interview or publicity and he has to deal with so many douche bags so I could see he does not over do it

Briella Fisher: Also met Vanvelzen and hes cool. The coolest actually, brought my grandmother on stage and had a tribute to her.

Brooklynn Alvarez: I met Kendrick, he was cool. Super nice and polite. Gave me a quick hug. I met post Malone too who seriously felt like I was talking with a friend. Hugged me, laughed with me, shit talked w me, complimented my outfit. He was so cool and no he doesnt smell.

Delilah Rogers: Thats insane, Kendrick is my absolute idol

Jasper Steele: Taylor Lynn Snapp

Evelynn Caldwell: Nah, but I met Miley Cyrus childhood babysitter 😂

Max Stephens: I just realized u wrote youtubeur franglais ftw

Isaiah Knight: Olivia benson (Mariska hargitay) she is so great

Nathaniel Chambers: I met David Cameron when I was 13, he was an asshole, what a surprise.

Maddox Lambert: I met Rob Schneider. He asked me to take a picture with him. 😂😂😂

Emmalyn Montgomery: Bruce Springsteen went to my gym. I saw him all the time. He was super friendly.

Santiago Dennis: What part of jersey you from?! Im in brick

Emmalyn Montgomery: Oh I am from the Freehold area. I work out in Marlboro.

Violet Jenkins: won vip tickets to a wé mcdonald show and she was SOOOO friendly i love her

Everly Ferguson: Only famous in Mexico, and not know by name, only by band lol K-Paz de la Sierra, Autoridad de la Sierra, AK-7. I sing with them sometimes

Giuliana Lyons: Met plenty of sports stars here.

Elena Sanchez: dave grohl. he was really nice n cool.

Delaney Harmon: A few, the one that was the most scandalous was a fairly popular actor in a sci fi series in Canada and…cant say much more 😏

Aspen Morton: I met Cristians Ronaldo when he was like 21. He was sound but probably cos he didnt seem to know much English back then

Delaney Harmon: Marilyn Manson sucked

Jack Edwards: I need the teeaaa !

Delaney Harmon: he was just drunk n high

Elizabeth Frank: I met the dude who played as Hyde in that 70s show… he was kind of a jerk, I had won tickets to a movie premiere in which he was one of the cast at the Fantasia festival, there was a little meet and greet thing after and he just seemed like he didnt wanna be there at all, I had told him that I had enjoyed him in the movie and that I was a fan of that 70s show and had told him how I thought it was pretty cool how his character and the others in the show were leaving high school around the same time my friends and I were….. in the most sarcastic and needlessly loud tone I have ever heard he says WOW, I GUESS WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WOW COOL DUDE even his castmate had a WTF? Kind of look on her face, she was much nicer, but I dont remember her name or anything else she was in to give a basis

Elizabeth Frank: It was for En.m.wikipedia.org

Alter Egos – Wikipedia

Emerson Tate: From what I hear, Danny Masterson is a major creeper. Not surprised hes a jerk.

Thiago Tyler: Katy Perry held my hand and gave me a balloon when I was 9. This was before she became complete trash.

Thiago Tyler: also someone else I totally forgot about I have to dig out the pictures

Wren Sandoval: everyone ive met was rude except for alessia cara and shawn mendes

Thiago Tyler: i met andrew lawrence (tj from recess) when he was filming a movie at the motel my mom managed. ran into him again a week later on a ferry to seattle. he kinda seemed depressed and quiet but he was filming a movie about being addicted to prescriptions meds so who can blame him lol

Thiago Tyler::

Blake Reyes: Yes, two, and they were both lovely

Elizabeth Frank: Or when I worked at the Bay, Mitsou Gélinas came to pick up the things that she had bought, but she, I suppose didnt see the line of people who were There, and like went past everyone and was standing in an off limits area… I didnt recognize her and asked her to step behind the line and to respect the people who were in front of her… my two co workers who were french Canadian were tripping all over themselves to serve her saying shit like dont you know who this is Im like no and she just butted in front of these other people, I served another guy instead who was waiting with his two daughters who were totally starstruck… the dude tipped me $20 I bought a bag of weed later… it was awesome

Kylie Lewis: I met Daniel Radcliffe and he was so lovely and kind.

Aspen Morton: I couldnt imagine him being another way rlly

Kylie Lewis: Aspen Morton: true

Matilda Becker: Met Paul Walker at a restaurant that my sister had her wedding reception at. He was alone, nice guy. Left shortly after we noticed him though. Probably didnt want to draw a crowd or just wanted to be left alone

Yaretzi Garza: I met a couple of the cast members from Chicagos production of Hamilton and everyone was super nice except for the girl who plays Angelica. I think she was just tired though

Lucia Sparks: Ghostface Killah and a bunch of UK rappers which I cant be bothered to list as outside of the UK they probably arent even known 😁

Viviana French: Most recent was Jimmy Carr last night. Really nice guy

Bailey Carr: I am so fucking jealous, Ive been to both of his Perth shows hoping to meet him ☹️

Anna Chavez: William Shatner. I waited for several hours to be first in line for the photo op. When I went inside, I surprisingly broke down into tears. Bill loved it.

Liliana Hayes: I met afroman. He was really nice and insisted on getting a better picture because the first one was blurry. Plus he smelled nice 🤷🏼‍♀️

Joshua Reid: Drake Bell. He was nice, took pics and all. But he seemed annoyed at so many people wanting pics. I dont blame him, I would have been annoyed too.

Miracle Daniels: Ive met a lot, I used to work at a restaurant in Malibu, and here in NYC, that got a lot of famous people. Most were all nice/great. The one huge disappointment was John Cusack–totally 100% snobby, elitist douchebag. I was sooooo bummed out bc I used to love him 😏

Dallas Bates: The NQ Cowboys team are all really lovely. Theyre so polite, friendly and always down to have a good laugh.

Addison Little: Apparently, I met a Bears (Chicago football) player once. He had a tiny pink backpack on (I was in Barnes and Noble) and I had no idea who he was and I tapped him on the shoulder and told him his little backpack was unzipped. This dude was one of the tallest guys Ive ever seen. I was behind him in line and when it was my turn the checkout guy was like, you know he plays for the Bears* right? He comes in here every other week to buy kids books for his charity and I was just like ………wow.

Corbin Lewis: David duchovny is incredibly charming and sweet

Miracle Daniels: Ha I just posted him too–he is!

Corbin Lewis: Hes a nice boy lol

Emmalyn Castro: I met George bush sr, he was very very nice

Miracle Daniels: My favorites Ive met are David Duchovny (X-Files is my favorite show ever so duh), Jodie Foster, Pink, Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler, Matthew Perry, Emma Stone, Kyle MacLachlan, Molly Shannon, M. Night Shyamalan (HE IS SO NICE you have no idea), Meg Ryan, and Julia Roberts.

Edward Gutierrez: met gene simmons at a concert was the coolest guy i met also met caitlyn jenner because her mom lives where i do

Christian Baker: Derek Grant, he was soooo nice. We shared a bag of crisps and talked about his family after his show. He was the sweetest, most down to earth person. I could barely speak when I first saw him but he gave me a hug and was just so lovely. Also shared some drinks with The Vandals and Reel Big Fish. That was a good festival.

Yaretzi Paul: Beau Taplin is a gift sent from God, he is such a sweetheart (I did meet him before he really started posting his writing tho)

Landon Pearson: Mike Portnoy, the drummer from Dream Theater. He was a pretty cool guy!

Taylor Hunt: I pierced Jwowws babys ears, and as a kid I had cancer and I was at an event and met some random backstreet boy or *NSYNC member

Melissa Warren: Ive met Saving Abel when they road in the taxi my uncle was driving. 😍

Aspen Roberts: I went to see Peter Tork and because I introduced myself to his wife first she ended up getting my cousin and I a extended vip sit down meet and greet/autographs with him.

Martin Phillips: Jake Paul stood in line behind me at a haunted house in Cleveland. This was during his Vine phase so he wasnt too too bad, just another loud athletic white boy

Oliver Logan: I met Hillary Clinton and she was ecstatic to meet a young person lol also Ive met Kathleen Hanna and most local NC politicians like Burr, Tillis, and Cooper

Oliver Logan: My brother met Sean Kingston at the Washington DC holocaust museum on a field trip

Parker Flowers: I met Mark Ruffalo at VidCon in 2015 cause his son likes gaming videos and they were hanging out in the creator lounges. Kind of an anxious fellow, but I relate, and both he and his son were v nice.

Kyleigh Ward: David Suzuki was an asshole lol, like an outright asshole. But cant blame him, he hates everyone for a reason.

Elle Dixon: Seth Rogen asked to bum a cigarette off me in LA. Told him i didnt smoke and he threw sort of a hissyfit when I produced a vape.

Damien Norris: Its cuz u lame

Alexander Scott: You gave Seth Rogen a vape without weed in it? How dare you

Kalani Burgess: this isnt my own experience, but my teacher once said that his sister met tom hanks, and he told her to fuck off

Eduardo Potter: WHAT WHY

Rylie Klein: Oh yeah, my favourite singer (Matt Good) bumped me last year on his way back to the stage from the bar.

Damien Norris: Wad just doing work at john walshs house

Dylan Mcgee: This isnt really my experience but my bfs cousin is friends with Khloe Kardashian and from what I hear shes really cool and nice

Amir Greene: Justin Bieber was nice, but we thought he was a liar because his first single hadnt actually dropped yet and he was talking about working with usher and things, but busking in stratford? Randy and Mr. Lahey from the trailer park boys were VERY nice. Im not a TPB fan, and still enjoyed their company immensely.

Amir Greene: Judith Thompson (Canadian Playwright) is also absolutely lovely.

Lydia Long: So many. Ive been to a couple conventions recently. I can tell you the entire cast of the walking dead is fucking awesome. Every single person I met from that show was so cool and kind and really appreciative of the fans. The cast of sons of anarchy was super cool too except Ryan Hurst, he really didnt say much. Kinda just smiled and didnt seem to really care 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mckenna Roberts: If you met Norman or JDM Ima cry 😂

Lydia Long: Both! And theyre both so fucking sweet

Mariam Obrien: I met the Jonas Brothers they were all pretty chill

Abigail Richards: Met Brian Johnson of ACDC at Brands Hatch. Ended up talking to me for quite a while, lovely bloke, brilliant sense of humour. Loved the way he had so much time for a fan. Most exciting time of my life so far.

River Blair: Im sure it doesnt count but Im kinda friends w post Malones parents who are both dope as hell


River Blair: Ill tell Rich and Jodi you said hi😉

Daniella Bennett: The saxophonist from Streetlight Manifesto was my math tutor and he was excellent.

Makenzie Becker: I want to cry

John Tucker: I met Randy Houska and his grandaughter Aubrey at a Coyotes football game. He was super nice and talked to me for a little while. Aubrey was about 3, super cute, and very well behaved.

Izabella Poole: Met Lisa Loeb back in 1999. She was sweet, just what youd expect.

Amina Ryan: I met Tyler the Creator, he was super nice and hilarious and just absolutely amazing!!!! A super genuine dude inside Nd out

Megan Cunningham: Kurt Russel. I had no idea who he was until much later. But he was nice.

Travis Brooks: I got to meet Felicia Day and Osric Chau. They were both really sweet, Osric offered to do extra pictures and talked with us for a while about Pokémon Go, it was fun.

Eliza Richardson: I MET JIMMY BUFFET WHEN I WAS LIKE 8 AND LET ME TELL YOU as if his music isnt bad enough already, he was very fuckin rude. Also saw (didnt meet) Drake Bell like a year ago in Florida and idk something about him, he just seemed super fuckin entitled? Maybe thats just me.

Gracie Schneider: HUH? HUH? HUH?

Damian Park: I met Jedward lol. They were really nice, were filming a commercial and the director had to yell at one to stop talking to me and film

Damian Park: I met Anthony Bourdain in the Toronto airport after both of our flights were cancelled and we had to pick up our checked bags. I was 13 and so star struck I couldnt say anything without stuttering. He wasnt too impressed

Lyric Leonard: I met Nathan Fillion once, his brother was the principal at my junior high school.

Robert Francis: The most famous people Ive met are The Pierces. (They sing the theme song for pretty little liars) Since theyre not well known only me, my sister plus two other girls stayed back to meet them. We got to talk to them & they were so nice. They thought it was awesome that my sister & I travelled from Tasmania to Melbourne to see them.I was pregnant with my daughter at the time too & they blessed my belly. 😍❤️

Edith Hansen: My dad makes my famous-people-encounter stories sound lame af tho. He was a roadie and/or bouncer for years, and handled some pretty big name gigs. Some people had weird rules (he thinks Prince was a jerk because he had a “dont talk to me, dont make eye contact with me” rule), some people were super chill (he had lunch with ZZTop), and some people he holds inexplicable grudges against (Jewel). My favorite is that he used to work at the club/bar Shinedown always played, back when they were just a local house band. He threw out one of the underage band members on a regular basis, before, after or DURING shows, for getting too drunk and rowdy. He loves reminding my Shinedown-obsessed mom of this.

Evie Webb: John Cena held the door for me and told me my nephew was a cute baby.. Tech N9ne was one of the coolest guys Ive met

Remington Bates: Bam Margera. He was a drunken Asshole who couldnt give two fucks about his fans

Lauryn Clark: One time I hugged dahvie vanity from blood on the dance floor and if that doesnt explain the tone of my life Idk what will

Sasha Bowen: All the members of Modern Baseball are very nice dudes

Gunner Ballard: Duff McKagan is super chill.

Hattie Norman: I met the guys from Apocalyptica and they were all super lovely. They actually come across as pretty shy?? I had a great chat with Perttu (what do you mean its cold here in Australia you come from FINLAND) which segued into talking about reindeer and Santa 🤷🏻‍♀️

Blakely Rice: I met Jared leto at Wal-Mart while bell ringing for salvation army he just sat and talked to me he was really nice

Giovanni Mathis: Jason Segel. I was at the midnight premier of a movie that utterly bombed. My friend and I were the only ones in the theater waiting in line for it. When suddenly out came Jason Segel. I turned to my friend and said something like Holy shit thats the guy from How I met your mother. and we proceeded to get in an argument over wether it was him or not. He totally heard us. Then this cute little girl ran up to him and asked for his autograph. This was right before the first Muppets movie came out. Ive met other celebrities where I actually got to talk to them, but that one always cracks me up.

Presley Goodwin: Ive met loads walking around – action bronson (super nice), Seth rogan, Chloe sevigny, and earl sweatshirt, but my favorite sighting was Anthony Weiner, didnt say hi to him though. I also met Daniel Radcliffe on my 15th birthday when he was doing equus on Broadway, he was really sweet!

Imani Wallace: Ive met Oliver Sykes from BMTH, Robert DiNero, Jackie Chan, Gene Wilder, Bill Nye, Katy Perry, LL cool J, Ryan Renoylds


Jolene White: Jason momoa, just as pleasant and gorgeous as I hoped 😍

Teagan Nunez: I picked up Lydia from real housewives once lmp if you wanna know more

Jolene White: Had to get a cheeky feel 😏

Carter Kennedy: Drew Lachey came into my work once and everyone freaked out and I had no idea who he was 😹 he was nice. Stone Phillips was an a—hole. Hunter Pence is amazing. Buster Posey is shy.

Emely Watts: I met John Mather, nobel of physics 2006. Helped find more evidence for the big bang theory. He was really nice and motivacional ❤

Selah Todd: i met botdf in 8th grade LOLi mean they were nice from what i remember but y i k e s

Elena Duncan: I met Little Mix at a signing who were sooo lovely but very rushed for time – Jade and Jesy kept gushing over my makeup bless them.Also met Real Friends after a gig, Dan was getting high as fuck whilst Brian went out of his way to get a proper marker to sign my poster and Kyle gave my partner (at the time) the rest of his food he had just bought lmao

Alani Hopkins: I met my favourite author at the time for a book signing and talk and he sang Lola by The Kinks to me and I was so overwhelmed that the only thing I said was that my name was Lola and thank you, it was still great

Aaron Powell: Lil uzi today

Adeline Curry: Ive met quite a few bands- little mix, 5 seconds of summer, Lil peep and Halsey. All sweethearts. I was the last person to meet lil peep after his show and we talked for a lil while longer than he did with the other fans.

Oliver Chavez: Okay but when yall gonna top THIS

April Christensen: I met Karen Gillan a couple years ago at Supercon in Miami. She was extremely nice and welcoming despite looking like she was too exhausted to be there any longer. I was really surprised at how tall she was, even with flats on lol.

Savannah Estrada: Ive met Attila, Bowling For Soup, LetLive, Beartooth, and Matt Metzler (Breaking Bad and Maze Runner) is friends with my dad. 😂

Maliyah Olson: tommy wiseau. as weird as expected

Nina Stephens: Clint Eastwood, 2 days before he died…

Veronica James: I quickly got onto the tube and asked if it was going to Camden. No one replied apart from this lovely northern lad who said it was the other side. Got off the train and was like wait a second turned around and it was Christopher Eccleston, who must have seen my shock cause he was slowly nodding at me, as if he was saying, yes, it is I

Alivia Ryan: Ryan Lochte and I used to be on first name basis (and he was the kindest person ever) until he got his own E! Show and became a dick.

Hudson Gomez: I met the lead singer of my favorite band (in profile pic) and he was very nice and let me give him a hug when I asked. It was also midnight after a great concert, so he was tired

Harley Herrera: Ive met a quite a few, and they were all polite and nice. Highlights: Simple Plan, those dudes are amazingly kind and friendly. Hedley was … interesting & fun… Marianas Trench – fun/silly. Most of the time theyre good people.

Paris Austin: Ive met the lead singer of Hellbound Glory more than once. Hes friends with my mom. Hes a D-list celebrity and a really nice guy.

Marley Moss: Rebecca Mader.She was so amazing and sweet and I still laugh every time because she had to BEND OVER to take a picture with me because Im so short.

Selena Padilla: I wish. Ive only ever met fucking Mike Pence.

Calvin Dean: Terrence Howard lives in my hometown and he came to the restaurant I worked at and was a total diva, hes kind of a dick

Alayna Cooper: kristin chenoweth, jane lynch, jessica lange, ben platt, harvey firestein, a great big world. i think all of them were really really lovely, if i remember correctly

Knox Strickland: Many, and they are usually very polite.

Knox Strickland: Except Dustin Diamond, who lives down the road from me.

Peter Pratt: This is so weird and obscure, but Leland from Dog the Bounty Hunter used to train with my first stepdad. He was his kickboxing and MMA coach, back when Leland was still a youngin. He was really close with our family. He used to come over to our house everyday, and wed go to his fights.

Rory Guzman: I met a lot of band members when I was younger. The only one that was really an asshole was Danny from Asking Alexandria. The nicest was Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy or Haley Williams from Paramore

Emerson Gardner: Erm. Chopper Reid at a comedy show said what are you looking at fuckface in the general direction of my dad and I.Made my life.

Adelina Bell: england is weird, i went for a cocktail on my lunch break and the Prince stopped by for a chat 🤷🏼‍♀️

Fernanda Parker: I met holly marie combs (piper from charmed) and she was so lovely. Also met jay from jay and silent bob and he was telling me and my partner how beautiful our baby was. C: