Anyone selling Jo koy tickets?😅

Anyone selling Jo koy tickets?😅

Jaden Floyd: Right!? They sold out super fast 🙁

Baylee Collier: Wow! They sold out? Are you sure? They told me they had 600 and theres no way those were all sold this morning

Abel Curry: Sold out before at the rocker club now 😭

Jaden Floyd: They were sold by noon. Im number 19 on the wait list….

Abel Curry: Theres a wait list?

Jaden Floyd: I went in just after 1 and got on the wait list. In case someone cancels? I dont know how it will work, but it gives me hope…

Jude Mason: We were told people on the wait list could get tickets if theyre able to get more seats in the venue. So far its a 700 seat show

Baylee Collier: Oh wow!!!

Esmeralda Goodwin: When is he coming ? Didnt know about this !!!! 😲

Baylee Collier: 03July

Ariana Tyler: Awe dammit! Had I known I would have bought tickets! Filipinos should get first pick of the tickets! Lol