Hi! How do I get on the Okinawa Pin Drops page? Searching isnt yieldin…

Hi! How do I get on the Okinawa Pin Drops page? Searching isnt yielding anything for me 😕 If needed can someone add me? Thanks!

Lillian Patrick: Okinawa Pin DropsI tried to add you but Im not sure if it worked

Mira Wong: Thanks but nothing yet

Ian Obrien: Its secret so only existing members who are your friends can add you.

Mira Wong: Can you try adding me pls? Thanks!

Ian Obrien: Mira Wong: — its not going to allow me to bc you are not a friend for mine.

Kelsey Bryant: WOW, what kind of places are the pin drops for that the page has to be a secret? I really want to be in the secret pin drop group now.

Ian Obrien: The admin made it secret because the number of members were getting out of control and non-okinawa residents were being added.

Gracelyn Walsh: Or maybe because they were posting pins to private property and driving hoards of people into small neighborhoods causing damage and people started calling them out on it.

Mira Wong: Okay well thanks guys for trying! Ill see if some of my coworkers are already on the page.

Samara Alvarez: I can add you on fb then just unfriend me if you want so that I could add you!!!!

Mira Wong: Anjie Aguilar youre too kind but I thats alright! Thank you!

Benjamin Neal: Anjie Aguilar can you add me please!!! I touch down Jan 26

River Tyler: Can someone add me as well to the page? My family just got here and we would love to see some cool things to do.

Samara Alvarez: I can add you!!

River Tyler: Anjie Aguilar thank you 😃

Selena Moreno: Anjie Aguilar can you add me too? I just got here and am trying to find places to visit 🙂

Holly Gross: Likewise, would you be able to add me as well? Someone on the beach just told me about it this week.

Alayna Burns: Can someone please add me to the page as well?

Alexia Leonard: Can I please be added 😬

Lilith Cooper: Same 🙋🏽 Trying to find something on island that someone mentioned is on this page

Bianca Maldonado: the admin posted the map before…and i reposted it below in a separate post on this thread

Bianca Maldonado: Its available…One of the admin from the page provided it on here and it was re-posted a few times. Search this page for pin drop and you will find it. I also posted it below. You have to have a google account and download google maps if youre an iPhone user. It doesnt work with the regular maps app that comes on an iPhone

Ian Obrien: Its a secret group so unless a Facebook friend invites them, they cant be added. Its doesnt come up if they do a regular search for it.

Bianca Maldonado: Ian Obrien: i posted the map itself…the admin from the group provided it a few weeks back

Ian Obrien: Im talking about the page itself. The map via google isnt secret but the Facebook group is.

Bianca Maldonado: Google.com

Okinawa Pin Drops

James Webster: Thank you so much

Evelynn Powers: Hello, Can someone please add me to Okinawa Pin Drops

Bianca Maldonado: See my post above in the meantime….group is secret but the admin posted the map before…

Thea Duncan: We will be arriving mid November, would someone add me please?

Bianca Maldonado: group is secret and someone on the website has to add you…but the admin posted the map before…and i reposted it above…

Thea Duncan: Bianca Maldonado: ok thanks!

Selah Patterson: Can someone add us too please? TIA

Rachel Mendez: Just added you, it says “pending” 🙂

Selah Patterson: Thanks

Jolene Moss: Rachel Mendez: hi I have been here for 4 months and really want to see some spots can you please add me to the secret fb group for Okinawa drops? TYIA

Ivy Armstrong: Can I be added, as well? 🙂 Thanks in advance.

Alexandra Waters: Can someone add me to Okinawa pin drop? Please and thank you.

Jacqueline Floyd: Can someone add me to the Okinawa pin drop page? Please and thank you!!

George Matthews: Can I be added as well?

Finley Stone: Can someone please add me to the FB page please?

Paisley Cox: Hi , can someone please add me to the pin drops page. We got to Okinawa about a month ago and I was searching groups and this was page was highly recommended.

Gabriel Russell: Id like to be added to the Pin Drop Page too! Ill be visiting all summer with two kids – thanks!