A dumb SEO question: Is the cached url the one used by Google for the …

A dumb SEO question: Is the cached url the one used by Google for the SERPS – or is there (or could there) be another version of the url that is used in the live index?

Joel Potter: I remember reading about this and Im sure its changed a lot since but the cached page is what googlebot collected on the date printed on it. Read up on caffeine youll find some references on how the page reaches the live index. Heres a start from the google blog: Googleblog.blogspot.com.au

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Emmalyn Morton: Neil I have seen many instances of dupe content indexed, some of it stubbornly cached. Googles tendency to treat each URL lacking crawl directives and canonicalization as a separate, rankable instance, divides the page value and link equity so that often, none of it ranks particularly well. You could answer your own question, if you could get a complete list of every domain URL in Googles Index. Some prefer scrapebox or online Tools (that run counter to Googles TOS). Urlprofiler and proxies. Ive seen a Python script that will use the Site:domain.com modified search to mine the index. Glenn Gabe has written about an Excel tool that skirts the 1,000 URL limit in Google Search Console / Search Analytics / Pages / Download method. The tool is Analytics Edge. A friend used it for a middling domain prior to migration. It worked. See Searchengineland.com target=_blank>Searchengineland.com

Emmalyn Morton: Searchengineland.com target=_blank>Searchengineland.com

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Emmalyn Morton: If youre determined to respect Google, Paul Shapiro wrote up ways to use Google Analytics or log files. This is not PROOF of indexation, but a fair indication. See Searchengineland.com

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Malachi Paul: Now that looks pretty awesome…. just need to figure out how to do it and what I can use it for…

Emmalyn Morton: When you know what URLs are in the Index, you can judge and respond.

Malachi Paul: How Google Works Google.com

April Becker: Neil, Im chiming in, not because I know the answer, (I dont have such an answer) instead, to say this is a perfect example of a not-dumb SEO question. Its intriguing, and has fascinating implications.

Joel Potter: Hi Malachi Paul: , your question was discussed by Tim Capper during Dumb SEO Questions HOA 237. Youtube.com recommendation links: Google.com