Where in Neenah can you get a great burger? Looking for dinner Tonight…

Where in Neenah can you get a great burger? Looking for dinner Tonight.

Isaiah Hardy: Ground round

Margot Norman: Sidetracked!!!

Macy Mccoy: ICU

Caleb Roy: Cedar lounge

Elianna Obrien: Holidays

Briella Lopez: Willie beamons has a good burger.

Virginia Moore: The last 3 times we had burgers from Willie Beamons the burgers were raw. Not lightly cooked but raw…. they were supposed to be well done. 🙁

Juliet Davidson: Applebees so good, never have we been disappointed.

Valeria Brewer: Source Menasha if you want a grass-fed burger!

Lila Rose: Mihms hands down the best !

Jayce Rodriquez: Play nice kids. When did this stop being reviews of where you dined recently? Not that I have a problem with this kind of post…… But Jeez folks. Go get a burger somewhere and report on it….

Isaiah Hardy: Best burger ever? Kalaharis upscale double cut in the Dells. Lombardis at Oneida casino pretty good too ( grass fed). Both affordable but definitely not in Neenah ! Fyi if anyone is passing though those areas

Lorenzo Sandoval: Holidays

Daleyza Warner: I agree that this is not a sight that is called Where Can I Find!

Virginia Moore: Sorry I asked a question geez

Mckenzie Johnston: Other have people have asked this question and it wasnt a problem.. kind of a stange comment. Mihms has a good burger! Try them, lots of butter!

Virginia Moore: Have been to Mihms love the burgers. Just was wondering about Neenah. We just seem to go to the same places. Thanks everyone

Reese Jordan: I would recommend ICU then.

Isaiah Hardy: I like that you asked Virginia Moore:. Why cant we get tips?

Jayce Rodriquez: Reading the reviews will give you great tips. Like I stated I dont have a problem with this kind of post . Just so many lately.

Isaiah Hardy: Actually my page Fox Valley foodies deals and steals is maybe a better forum for tips

Macy Mccoy: I like the where can I find questions. It helps me look for somewhere new to try.

Samara Coleman: The Dome Bar .

Kayden Norton: Zuppas!