What yall think of Halles Hair? 🙄

What yall think of Halles Hair? 🙄

Aubrie Horton: Imma ask you this, because no one is answering me. WHY is is crooked? Why is it lopsided? He and her stylist say its herhair. Could be true, but why such a weird shape? Did you see the back? It was so flat!

Paris Harmon: Thats not herhair. IDC what they say. That wig was put on backwards. Clearly her stylist was wrong about that working for her. Halle dont have that muchhair. If anything its a partial or a bunch of clip ins either way the cut is bad & its styled wrong.

Paris Harmon: It looks like a wig u would wear toPlay the part of the drunk neighbor!! 😂🤣😂🤣

Greyson Barton: Not good

Dayana Hardy: I dont like it

Madilyn Rivera: Hot Mess!!!

Lauryn Gonzalez: NO GO