What stylist have to deal with. 😏 Where would u allow us to cut?

What stylist have to deal with. 😏 Where would u allow us to cut?

Madison Wong: Im not even a stylist but 3!! Did I win?

Thomas Reed: Yes u did. Very good. Most black women wouldve picked 1 & wandering why theyre not seeinghair growth. 😏

Madison Wong: We act like length it the goal. Healthy think ends is whats up. Ive never been afraid of a good trim. No one ever notices anyway!

Thomas Reed: Madison Wong: exactly!! Its like pulling teeth with some women tho.

Madison Wong: Why are we (and I dont mean to speak for ALL women) so attached to length? I hate seeing straggly ends!

Thomas Reed: Madison Wong:I think its crazy. We have ourselves convinced that ourhair dont grow… NOT TRUE! So when they get a lil length they want to hold on to it. Its crazy. I see it so much Ive gotten numb to it. It used to irritate me.

Madison Wong: Girl I went from this to this….you know why? Because its only hair!!!

Madison Wong::

Thomas Reed: Madison Wong: very nice. I love the women who dont mind the trim. Lol!!

Cadence Cobb: 3

Thomas Reed: Good. 😊

Josephine Briggs: 3

Thomas Reed: Yaaaay 😊

Alice Anderson: THREE!!!!!

Alice Anderson: Hell can I get a 4 just for good measure

Thomas Reed: U know I can do that!! 😂

Alice Anderson: Savvy Stilettos Chromemc you know Im ok with taking a little extra just because lol

Thomas Reed: Alice Anderson: I know!! 😂

Madison Wong: Me too!

Levi Zimmerman: 3

Ezekiel Hart: 3

Mason Jackson: 3

Kylee Joseph: 3

Alexander Jacobs: 3

Alice Webb: 2

Hayden Ellis: 2

Stephanie Robinson: 3. Just went through this and ended up getting a Bob to be sure she got all the damagedhair.

Thomas Reed: Good job.

Gavin Collier: 3

Thomas Reed: Good Auntie. I know u dont mind a good trim. 😊

Nina Castillo: 3

Thomas Reed::


Nina Castillo: call me when u can… i have a question

Zoey Pratt: 3 but Im only letting 2 go 😂

Thomas Reed::


Nina Castillo: 😉😣😣😣😣😂😂😂

Zoey Pratt: Nina Castillo: if you really want to cut yourhair OFF? Shes the one ☝️ 😊

Nina Castillo: i kno…we talked about it this MORNING 😃😄😆

Thomas Reed: Ty Zoey Pratt: 💜💜