What is the most important organ in our body? (a)brain (b)heart (c)liv…

What is the most important organ in our body? (a)brain (b)heart (c)liver (d)lungs

Pradip Yadav: B

David Prajapati: All

Mustafa Kamal: Heart

Alok Patel: Heart

Patience Chidinma: B

Timotheus El Savaldo Lucasta: heart

Tomisin Johnson: All

Jezreel Brothers: Heart

Brian Fiston: heart

Milcah Estoy Alberto: All

Sanjip Yadav: Heart

Saima Raheem: All

Gaurav Sharma: All part most important in body

Shan Shylock Halifa: Heart

Matthew Krish: ALL GIVE LIFE

Tame Alex: all

Jonali Kalita: A

Hridoy Roy: heart

Yusuf Khaleed: I am looking for the most important one which one pls select a b c or d?

Rehan Sayyed: All

Maxamed Siyaad Ashraf: All

Musa Yusuf: All Give Life

Ahmaddin Tanha: All

Muziya Friday: all

Richard Demiedor Rose: heart

Beyene Balgo Bitre: All

Adigun Oyinkansola Morenikeji: A

Bwambale Abraham: None

Yusuf Khaleed: Hhhhh why non?

Bwambale Abraham: They are all functional

Ibrahim Zanna Yawudima: Heart

Glory Abel: All of. The above

Bhuneshwar Mahto: Heart

Priyanka Kumari: heart

Kiran Kumari: A

Goutam Chatterjee: B

John Ogar: Heart

Jameel Ahmed: heart

Kamal Mansur: B

Alice Aliyu Gomari: B

Ajiboye Nath: B

Yasmeena Shafat: B

Bhat Seerat: Heart

Mohammad Adil Zoologist: A

Odunayo Oyetunde: b

Jb Rebel: You cant survive without a heart (even as a serial killer) and you cant survive without a brain (even if your job is menial). If your question refers to which one gets damaged first, usually it is the heart. Sure people can get any organ damaged through accidents and violence, but if someone survives long enough to experience aging, not all organs age at the same rate. Usually, the joints are the first to get worn off. The liver gets stuffed with fat. Then the cardiovascular system gets rusty and clogged. Usually, dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases come latest, probably because people can survive decades on heart disease medication, while treatments in neurology are sadly almost lacking.

Orafu Chisimdi: Heart

Jb Rebel: Heart or brain? Which is the most important? Hmm.. in a matter of survival, heart is needed to pump blood, but just pumping blood isnt enough for a human to live. Brain basically is the administrator of your whole body, and yes, without brain carrying out certain duties, your own heart can lead to your death. But brain needs blood to be alive and active, and heart pumps the blood to the brain. Theyre both basically interdependent for a person to survive.Now people who may say that, “Brain dead people still live, so why value our brain?” Heres my answer, those people need someone to take care of them and in our world, its a irony that your most loved ones will leave you alone, if you happen to be one of them. So whats good in just breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.And now, in a few more years, artificial hearts will be made, doing the same process as real hearts, that is pump blood. This would ultimately reduce the importance of hearts.But speaking of brain, scientists still havent studied our brains completely, its one of natures masterpieces. And it would take centuries or decades, if were lucky, to even understand the brain.My answer, since the question is about “Importance”, I say Brain it is.Fun fact: You can control even your heart beat with your brain.

Nshimyumukiza Hope Edison: I think that all work together to maintain health of individual so all are important.

Shewaynesh Tesfaye: A

Beyene Balgo Bitre: All are important to us to survive our life .

Success Elkanah: ALL OF THE ABOVE

Dipak Lopchen: b

JM James JM James: B

Antra Prajapati: All

Bini Boss: All

Adiv Arikoy: Heart & brain should always go together.

Dufera Tujuba: D

Leo Odum: B

Rena Sweaty: B

Saeed Ibrahim: Heart

Abdulsalam Muhammad: B

Shahid Rayzada: B

Tsega Amare: All

Ibrahim Olayemi: B

Muhummed Abdikedir Selat: B

Kadamb Sachdeva: B

Masruha Ismam Iskan: B

Balogun Boluwatife: B

Meraj Khan: Heart is most important compare to other

Lovely Doll: Brain

Kissi Dimas: Brain

Madhu Patil: Brain

Ummy Mohd: All of them

Bahabuddin Ansari: B

Chebet Shifah Bint Musa: B

Sev Guven: All of the above

Sangita Kumari: B

Amit Akshu: B

Ana Aq Ito: A

Haile Eyesus Asmare: 2

Dhanesh Kr Chauhan: B

Leonie Uwamahoro: All the above bcz are vital organ.

Haile Eyesus Asmare: all are important but heart is most inclusive,because if the heart fails the remaining will also fail

Shahbaz Alam: All are important but heart is most important

Abdul-kadir Khadija: Heart

Olayinka Amirat Opeyemi: B

Prince Al-qaseem Badamasi Idris: ALL OF THE ABOVE B/C ARE VITAL ORGANS

Badru Olaitan: B

Kranthi Vardhan: All organs are soo important first of all heart is important because to pump the blood to whole body and brain is important because for sensation for body and lungs are important because exchange of gases and liver is important because to emulsify the fats so all the organs are so important

Kranthi Vardhan: If one is absent we cant survive our life so i conclude that all organs are important

Mariam Suleiman: B

Hassan Abu Ahmad: B

Ibrahim Saleh Saleh: C

Patrick Fofanah: B

Bhaskar Banerjee: B

Pujana Pakhrin: B

Elias Shiferaw: All

Mahmud Mohammed: B

Raghav Yadav: Heart

Sulaimon Ayomide Abubakry: Both

Godfrey Chuma: B

Ashok Verma: All

Anees Ahmad: Both

Mian Mobeen: These All Organs Are Most Important.

Mian Mobeen: If Tha One Organ Is Absent, We Cannot Spent Our Life Goodly(happily)

Adam Musa: the correct am

Dudley Dillz Mulenga: the heart and the liver can be transplanted when severly injured not the brain and the lungs…so A and D

Umar Abubakar Danbarmo: All

Anees Ahmad: Brain and heart. Lung. Lever important organ the body

Caasha Cali Cuud: A

Shribhagwan Tyagi: Brain &heart

Omeiza Mercy Onize: All .d most important in heart

Varun Chauhan: All of these

Iram Jaan: Heart

Kakali Pal: Brain

Mcdonald Mcdee Simpower: Brain

Ufere Favour: All is important but the lungs helps in the passage of blood to other side of the body

Annie Tatihanna Chisha: All

Jacquelin Mwashi: Heart

Oluwabunmi Akinyemi: ALL

Onyinye Prisca: Heart bcos if d dont work how will lungs carry blood

Boateng Aboy: B

Tapit Francia Maria: Brain!

Deborah Ishima: B

Promise Gml Bwalya: Heart

Bostone Matiyasi: heart

Sharanu Sharanu: Heart

Wisdom Chidozie: B

Kidanemariam Fseha: All

Fawad Ali: B

Rutuja Ghusale: Heart

Saratu M Muhammad Waleejam: Heart

Mahi Zara: B

Faith Ojeaga Cruz: All

Queen Tsutsu: Heart

Dinelle Sookdeo: The heart

Kasule Nickodem: Brain z connected 2 the hrt, bt in al, the hrt z da most importnt bze it pumpz da blood in al parts ov da body~ meaning that the hrt saves al da parts ov the body including the brain,liver,lungs etc. Since blood contains food nutrients & al da parts depends on those nutrientz in da blood,food nutrients in da blood helps other organs 2 grow & gain strength & that blood iz pumped by the hrt 2 al body organz; hrt remainz the most important organ in da human body. Thank u.

Seni Gual Berhe: All of them mandatory organ

Boateng Aboy: B

Raina Khan: All

Ashraf Ali: Heart

Blama Kamara: B

Nyuol Instance: B

Boateng Aboy: Heart because in anything u are going to do today it will must come to your heart before u implement

Kemy Henry: Heart

Tan Seng Peow: B

Najeeb Harande: B

Abdulmaleek A Lawan: BRAIN

Jatindar Kumar: all organs of body are important becouse they have his special quality

Deepak Sharma: All

Abubakar Mohd: All

Queen Umu Amaar: all

Rafiq UR Rahman: All but heart is most important organ in our body

Princess Temitayo Ayoka: Liver bcos its the largest organ in the body

Yusuf Khaleed: Hmmm the largest is skin but the most workable organs is liver which play many role but here is important or function

Shuja King: all

Dorcas Lawrence: B

Ainomugisha Trinity: All

Naveen Sain: Heart

Rukayyat Hassan: A

Ramesh Kumar Ladhani: A/B

Rajkumar Kushwaha: Hrt

M Yahya Lareetu: Hrt

Ajibade Bolanle Esther: A

বসন্ত বিকাল: Heart

Usman Maman Ummi Amina: a

Itx Friday Junior Muzungu: All

Helan Nancy Ilakkiya: B

Ajab Singh Manhas Agu: B

Glorie de la Chance: A

Isaac Obia: Are you sure?

Sonia Patil: A

Jamila Lawal: A

Anish Mehta: Heart

Kayode Kay: Brain

Christy Smart Aniah: B

Kaku Lalhal: Heart

Maimuna Lamido: B

Amino Muse: B

Anupama Kamat: Heart

Lhar Gadjali: Heart?

Brown Savage: Heart

Keziah Nketi: Heart

Kabiru Hassan Bara: B

Saba Jahan: Heart

Tibebe Solomon: A

Ogunlade Bose: B

Omolola Obanla: heart

Itz Hardeynikeey Gold: Heart

Immie Rukiem: heart

Abdulrahman AbdulSamad: B

নূরে জান্নাত নীল: B

Ebozele Favour Eseohe: B

Kailash Raaj: All

Humaera Haedar: all

Asabesi Kwabena: B

Saiful Lahi Lawal Fulani: All

Ayat Jan: Heart

Windeck Favour: A

Tukasingura Wise Sympathy: Battocks

Samuel Lawal: b

Idayat Adebayo: A

Jessi Jason: ALL D ABOVE

Simran Malema: b

Jnl Levs Jonath: All

Amore Rebecca Olaoluwa: B

Ajay Bairwa Anant Jonwal: A

Mina Ahmed: heart

Barcelonista Suresh: all

Comfort Asaaior: A

Oribhabor Kinegsley: B

Berhanu Zemene: All are all most equally important. If one of is fail, life will not continue.

Vishal Kumar: All

Bhardwaj Thakur Bhushan: Heart

RJ Mohan Shukla: All

Sanusimuhammedmaradun MrsanusiMrd: Heart

Omkar Arthamwar: Heart

Etz Comrade Adams: All

Francisca Iniaghe: B

Honest Man: Brain coordinates the whole bady

Abdul Bari: Heart….

Yoseph Assefa: Heart

Dinesh Bogati: b

Hurma Raees Ansari: Heart

Chhakuli Wagh: heart

Princess Cynthia: All

Tosila Chaudhary: B

Ayodele Demilade: B

Utsu Cecilia: Heart

Arisha Kehinde Oluwaphemy: B

Hilal Raja: All

Alvin Roy: Heart

Felicia Asabea: Heart

Nil Nandi: Heart

Samaila Adiya: Brain

Tsion Tadesse: heart and brain are the two vital organs!

Fass Zibeon: B

Danish UL Islam: Heart

Manyi Acha Helen: B

Rani Patil: B

Sheeza Khan Sheeza Khan:


Emmanuel Jesse: B

Kainat Hassan: brain

Ye Amu Lij Tesfisha: B

Chukwu Fidelis Onyekachi: A

Kisapeho Neverless: heart

Dheeraj Kumar: all organ important for life .but except heart all given organ occasionally may be effected so person can survive,. but heart is functionless or effected through any region then person can not survive

Favour Dickson: Heart

Sonal Tushar Joshi:


Saraswati Jaiswal: A

Dheeraj Kumar: why A . why not B.

Itz Mhiz Oluwabunmi Queenswit: B

Sule Caleb: B

Ñįvîń Khüråñā: Heart

Damilola Jesutofunmi: B

Chc Rao Shahzad: B

Baby Kandes: heart

Pavan Pal: B

Sam Wasu: B

Hazeez Khadijat: B

Awwal Abdulrazaq: Heart

Mir Irshad: Heart

Toyyibah Solihu: All of d above because they help each other

Shuaibu Sa Idu: heart

Orafa Cyprian: C

Adeoshun Quadri: Toyyibah solihu you are correct

Jim Phu Hapon: This is wrong question. All body parts have their own vital functions that they are all important. Example:If there is no brain there wont be any consciousness, movement, sight, thinking, ect. If there is no lung there wont be no gas exchange.

Moses Gatdet Bachbach Kam: Brain

Oneka Lit Deograccious: C

Lawal Ibukun: hmmm …I can say all of d above……

Rukayat Olaoye: Heart

Monica Sharon: Hrt

Abe Tura: All

Rahul Raj: Heart

Adam Bakilsu: Heart

Abdallah Saratu: B

Jasica Sharma: heart

Fanen Eslash Frenzy: BRAIN

Nadaly Kalunga: All

Sirjana Lama: B

Rukmani Burman: Abcd

Guddu Garg: I can say all parts

Wendy Sella: b

Suwaiba Aliyu Bello: Heart

Maman Hafsat: Bain

Gowri Yoganand: B

Anindita Tithi: heart

Iko Ahmed: B

Habtamu Tagesse: All are vital organs

Itodo Dauda: A$B

Suleiman Ibrahim: A


Subana Ghale: Heart

Sita Sahani: B

Muwaffat Abdul: All of them are very important in our life

Chidiebere Ugwu: A

Owonifari Tope: B

Itz Prince Kenny Bankz: B

Baber Khan: All

Zakariyya Yusif Yusif Zakariyya: Brain

Owolabi Adelani: B

Kamaap Benjamin: Heart

Opeyemi Owoola: Alright

Opeyemi Owoola: All

Osunlana Segun: B

Mercy M Luke: A-B

Kausalya Behera: B

Rina Reena: Heart 💓💓

Vikas Yadav: All of them are very important in our body

Sayeed Sefatullah Hashime: B

Gila Tanito: B

Jonah Yakubu: B

Yunus Ishaq: a

Rimjim Kour: Liver

Innocent Inno Ogwal: A & B

Ugrasen Murau: B

Phalon Gabriel: For me all

Friday Godday: a-b

Sandra Ade: B

Guta Tefera: B

Job George-akume: A

Praise Asogbon: heart

Junaid Ahmad: Heart

Dudu Daud Abdurahaman: B

Manisha Agarwal: B

Chidera Okoye: B

Abdulbaki Namadi Muhammad: A Brain Can Stop Thnking Bt Human Being Can Nt Die, While When Heart Is Stop Beat Hmmmm Thnks Wides

Nourpheesart Omolara Shodeindey: heart(B).

Nourpheesart Omolara Shodeindey: heart(B).

Abubakar Abdulrazak: B

Arifa Chaudhary: Heart

All Rounder: 1

Afridi Ayan: A,B,C,D

Amit Kamati: B

Agim Anthony: heart(b)

Muhammad Salman: All

Heelal Muhammad: All but liver is the most sensetive organ

Johnson Femi Saint: All of the above

Hussein Kb Ster Ogirima: B

Viral Rathod: Heart

Blessing Adesida: all of d above

Pascal Eze: Heart

Meenaroshan Meenaroshan: B

Muhammad Gul Muhammadi: Tottal

M Sarfraz Yaseen: Heart

Chocklety Bul Bul Masurkar: Brain

Farooq Amjaad Khan: heart

Mhiz Rebecca Olayinka Odu: Heart

Maryann Udennaka: Heart

Aliours Lawal: B

Edikan Jumbo: heart

Emmanuel Debbie: HEART

Yuusuf Gabalaax: B

Lukman Ahmad Mainiyo: Lungs

SäkShï MëshŔãm: b

Deeqa Cabdi Cali: Heart

Olas Precious: Heart

Akeel Baloch: Father of all brain

Mariam Suleiman: B

Yazan Sardar: B

Necdet Ersoz: What is the most important criteria in medicine? It is not a routine textbook approach.

Ali Raza Shafiq: Heart

Muhammed DiLkhush: All of these

Norman Kamugisha: All are vital

Parvata PD: b

Soharab Yadav Soharab: All organ are important

Adamu Isyaku Damson: brain

Usman Yahaya: All of the above

Phway Phyu: a

Victoria Sule: B

Suleiman Habu Fari: Brain

Solomon Agada: B

Vaishali Kuthar: B

Badawiyya Abubakar: B

Sururah Ibrahim: B

Anupriya Rana: Heart

Sanjida Rahman Zinuk: All of them

Facilla Julylela Bae: all of them

Faadumo Sheekh Cade: Aaabbb

Nayab Rani: B

Tumwesige Moses: A

Hillary Jones: Heart

Elaijah Kashindwa: heart

Mugib Amir: B

Munwar Ali: B

Boluwatife Afolabi: B

Musa Humaira: b

Vivek Verma: B

Bishwonath Yogi: b

Arman Ali: Heart

Jamssgk Jamssgk: brain

Kailashchandra Mahadevji Bhatt: All are important for health.

Suruchi Shubhi Dubey: Heart

Aondoyima Alexis: Heat B


Shija Daniel Janga: The answer is B

Samuel Blessing: all are important

Sheshayit Geberel: B

Dremal Rasooli: Abcd

Waqar Khan: Heart

Zhamsa Ibrahim: heart

Bitrus Ishaya: HEART

Mbabazi Nurruat: b

Bashir Mukhtar Adam: All

Ayomide Aroworatira: Heart

Nigist Getachew: Heart

Aliyu Musa Sabon Layi: B

Promise Chinenye: Heart

Sa Adatu Abdullahi: B

Roshan Ali Junejo: all

Kowsar Xuseen Mahamed: B

Aizee Jimoh: Heart

Sunday Zinas: heart

Ibra Haaji Ahmed: A

Durojaye Oladeji: All

Abdullahi Hassan: B

Muhammad Jafin: Everything is very important

Ïtx Kôbÿ Jr.: All of thm

Rukayyah Riyat: The heart is must important then the brain

Esther Meshack: B

Luqman Baig: B

Brajesh Parihar: Heart

Sulekha Sinha: heart

Seth Rahul: Hrt

Blessingbeuty Ihezie: B

Infinity Ndu: B

Fina Khan: B

Hailu Ayalew: BRAIN

Funmike Salaudeen: A

Hussein Kb Ster Ogirima: Heart

Onella Makougoum: B

Blessing Jack: Heart

Kato Auther: B

Addisalem Achame: B

Princess Njoku: B

Demessie Bekele: All

Ibrahim Abdulkadir: B

Proff Godfrey Ekoja: B

Wf Mhiz Phareedah: heart

Happiness Monday: b

Wakeelah Rufai: b

Salisu Abdullahi Durba: B

Azeez Olusola Emmanuel: all

Tijjani Bn Umar: The brain, it regulate the others

Ibrahim Umar Kargee: All

Latif Safi: C

Maryam Nuhu: Heart is d most important because without it all cant function

Sameena Jalal: Heart

Sahalu Aliyu Gafai: A

Shan Shakix: B

Zoya R: B

Wol Kiir Maden Kiir Maden: D

Dureshahwar Rani: Liver

Ibrahim Kabiru Keta: A

Oluchi Cyprian: Heart

Shola Arubuola: Heart

Birara Chakilie: all atgan are most important B/s notliv alone

Sophia Samweli: B

Sunday Ariyo: C

Mutinta Chiimbwe: B

Fagbamila Sadulahi Omotayo: all are importan

Prince Oduro: Heart

Nasir Hassan Kks: B

Musigi Robinah: All

Nnenna Elendu: B

Sama Talis Abdisalan Sayidka: Heart

Adeyemo Bunmi: All of the above

Ndubuisi Nwangwuta: Heart

Eljay Ozzy: Teeth

Enock Mukosayi: All

Chinecherem Happiness: B

Osabonya John Danladi: All of the mentioned organ

Merkebu Chane: B

Abubakar Adamu Jalam: ALL

Roshan Monita: B

Aaron Confidence: ALL

Abdul Azeez Abeeblai Ayomide: Heart

Alhaji Isa Abdulrahim: B

Abdul Aziz Nasir: heart

Olamilekan Eyiowuawi: B

Abdulganiyu Maharazu: (B)heart

Jokshan Keturah: All ar important

Aishat Yahya: All

Barak Aminu: B

Miracle Ogbodo: All

Sesay Musa Alpha: B

Ayana Bulcha: all

Langley Jacob: All

Innocent Ekwueme: B

Muhammad Maidala Barde Dambam: Heart

Keepler Peter: Heart

Fhe Gangano: Brain

Yusuf Khaleed: Why brain prove physiologically

Fhe Gangano: Brain is circulate all organs

Muhammad Saeed Ibraheem: All of the above

Love Nichol Tambul: All are very very important, no one pass the other

Kamata Chitule: Heart

Aisha Harun Aisha Harun: heart

Kamal Umar Suruciant: All

Abdulrazak Yusuf: Heart

Murungi Rosemary Magie: All

Abdulrazak Yusuf: Did he ask you to say all of the above, who ever say all of the above fails

Basit Olaide Bebo Smart: All

Happiness Johnson: All

Rabson Dauda Dauda: a

Tijjani Musa: B

Zinnatunnesa Tuna: heart

Akintunde Nabil Damilare: B

Abdullahi Sani: brain

Ikechukwu Peter: Brain

Paul Amegu Zion: Heart

Nura Yarima: A&B

Salam Raufat Adejoke: All of the above

Ataulhaq Majroh: One

Idris Ibrahim: B

Ataulhaq Majroh: A

David Daniel: HEART

Bright Esap: A

Kenubish Demem: All b/c one with out the other is not that much……

Wol Kiir Maden Kiir Maden: Lung

Usman Aliyu Abubakar: Ans is b heart because we are respire by the help of heart without respiration you are no more life so what is the funct of all organs after you died

Usman Aliyu Abubakar: Ans is b heart because we are respire by the help of heart without respiration you are no more life so what is the funct of all organs after you died

Holy Diamond: all

John Abinya: ALL

Lovely Priya: All

Al-Mustapha Yarima Buzhi: B

D J Irfan Bhat: All

Hurma Raees Ansari: Heart

Comr Abubakar M Ibrahim: All

Munesh Kumar Lohana: A

Hope Angel: HEART

Samiir Ali: B

Cecilia Godwin: Heart

Amarachi Purity: D heart

Nasir Aliyu: Heart simply because wen heart beat stops life ends

Ukeme Henshaw: D

Dakop Mitu: D Depent On Each Oder There4 D R All Important

Wesley M. D-yang: abcd

Paulina Zakari: B

Manija Khatun: B

Ogheneyole Ighagha: All be cos without lungs heart is useless

Saminu Kani: Brain

Kgothatso Makau: B

Kgothatso Makau: And d

Thankgod Ayomide: All of the above

Gasp Pesatroba: Both Of Them

Abdul Hadi Sulemankhail: All

Muazu Salisu: B

Tijjani Usman Baure: Heart

Bashiru Saleh: A

Tariq Hasnain: A & B

Hussaini Umar: All

Bhat Bhat: A

Govind Baghel: B

Joe L Handenta: A

Rainsunstar Gigunashi: B

Azeez Kehinde: A

صدیق الله نیکمل: All of

Nasirweda Hasanzai: D

Nasir Mohd: All of them

Ťůfæïł Ťufïì: B

Ťůfæïł Ťufïì: Heart controls the brain

Princess Yinx: A

Olaide Olanrawaju: B

Joy Sunday: B

Muhammad Younas Yousufzia: A

Rebel Rock: Heart

Abdul Salam Anass: A

Judy Sullivan: All

Charyoe Melissa: A

Shafqat Saleem: Heart

Moonan Boonna: A

Meenu Pappachan: B

Irshad Mir: Every organ

Guranna Biradar: B

Amit Yadav: A

Suman Kumari: Heart

Madhusudan Madhusudan: A

Sharad Suradkar: B

Punam Chaudhary: Heart

Jimmy Localrapper: heart


Ibiye Amieye: All Is Important But Heart Is The First

Montey Jak: Youtu.be motivetive video must watch all students

agar ap fail hogaye ho to en heroins ko jarur dakho jo fail hoker b missworld he

Arash Ebrahimi: Heart

Nasib Khan: A

Nasib Khan: All of them

Marvelous Okon: Heart

Narendra Ahire: all of

Aminu Adamu: brain

Jay Mandal: brain

Muhammad Younas Yousufzia: A like brain in M.r.i test to treat cancer disease in women like disability cases marginally by laser technology failure today.[no delivery in timig days)

Yusuf Khaleed: Now whats your option?

Yusuf Khaleed: Yes of course Abdulrazak

Shah Junaid: it is pagal qstion

Yusuf Khaleed: Why is pagal question?

Umar Adamu Umar: B heart

Muhammed Isa: A

অজান্তে লুকোচুরি: Heart