What is the best route to learn Japanese? My coworker came up to me an…

What is the best route to learn Japanese? My coworker came up to me and apologized for not speaking English and it killed me. He said hes been working here for 23 years and Im the first person who doesnt speak Japanese.

Rosalie Foster: following

Josue Snyder: Eunyoung Valadez

Valeria Mckenzie: Have you tired the learning center at foster library? They have a program and will give you the instructions.

Valeria Mckenzie: They also have classes. Check out the MCCS Okinawa page

Annabelle Richardson: Focus on high frequency phrases. Japanese is far too vast to learn from square one in a short amount of time. Its not a “pick up” language. But there are a lot key phrases that can get you through the day. Try “making out in Japanese” or any book that focuses on conversational Japanese. Also find a local to learn from and focus on the phrases you hear from them everyday. You will start to notice a trend if you listen. If you dont mind paying for lessons, global village in Futenma isnt bad. -Japanese speaker/AF Translator.

Valeria Mckenzie: Glad I saw this! I was going to do what I said above. Might try this instead! Thank you ☺️

Annabelle Richardson: Anytime!

Brody Turner: Im taking “into into Japanese” this next semester. Im hoping it will help me a lot!!!!

Brody Turner: Thats through AMU FYI. Its part of my degree plan so I figured two birds, one stone 🙂

Silas Baldwin: Following