Went to Stuc s Pizza tonight and what a disappointing experience! My h…

Went to Stuc s Pizza tonight and what a disappointing experience! My husband and I with our two grandchildren arrived and got on the wait list for a table for 6. We were told it would be about a ten to fifteen minute wait and that was not a problem as we were waiting for the kids parents Twenty minutes later with all of our party there we see a party of six leave and the tables get set for a party of four and the other table set for two! These are people that have all come in after us. We ask why we arent being seated and are told they were waiting for a different table to open up that is more convenient for the server! None of the other large groups were anywhere near being finished with their meal. Who knows how long we would have to wait. We left and went to The Glass Nickel. We were seated right away and had great service and great pizza. So be forewarned, if you have more than four people in your party, you are at their mercy on when they will seat you at Stucs. This is not the first time this happened to us, that is why I decided to post this time.

Claire Lamb: We usually carry out to avoid that. Sorry your in store experience wasnt great but I hope you give their pizza a chance on a carry out run. That deep dish is amazing.

Gavin Brooks: I know there food is good that is why we wanted to go there, but shouldnt be treated like this

Stephen Francis: Sorry you had a bad experience, I know they have had half their waitstaff leave recently for another job, sure they would like to hear from you on your experience. Stucs Pizza has excellent service when they are fully staffed.

Paisley Freeman: I wish they never closed their bakery. It was one of the few places around here you could get good bread. Their pizza is ok but thats not the reason I went to Stucs.

Claire Lamb: They had a bakery?

Paisley Freeman: Claire Lamb: They had an excellent bakery with real Italian and French loafs. Just like ud get at Sciortinos on Brady st. in Milwaukee. Sad to say they closed it in the 80s sometime.

Iker Gilbert: Loved their bakery as well!

Iker Gilbert: Paisley Freeman: …. Ooohhh man you had to mention Sciortinos!! Love the Wedding Cookies!

Savanna Casey: Maybe they should pay more???

Ryan Francis: The last few times weve had their pizza, its been disappointing…

Maggie Allen: I guess they didnt want your money

Isabella Klein: Love GN pizza just ordered from them right now. Boo Stucs.

Lila Washington: Is there 2 Glass Nickels? One on College and one on Commercial?

Isabella Klein: College and Washington on Menasha

Lila Washington: Ok. Guess there is a Glass Nickel and a Wooden Nickel!😂

Isabella Klein: Yes. Wooden Nickel on College more of a bar

Lila Washington: I forget that that stretch in Menasha is Washington and not Commercial.

Jayleen Jimenez: Wise Guys has a mission/Frank Lloyd Wright decor with a nice outdoor seating area for summer.

Maci Jimenez: As many times as Ive been to Stucs Ive never had bad service or Pizza. Ive seen uncooperative customers from time to time in there because they are so busy and trying to accommodate larger groups. Sometimes larger groups need to realize this unless you call ahead. Glass Nickle is good… but Stucs pizza is way better..

Claire Lamb: Yeah. Its a real small dining room so it is a wait if you want to sit in. Just the way it is. Thats why we always carry out. Love that pizza.

Jayleen Jimenez: And Wise Guys is way better than Stucs

Stephen Francis: Matter of opinion

Annie Torres: Sadie, Im sorry that you feel like you had a poor experience. I dont work there, actually Ive never even been there. Its hard for people who havent worked in the restaurant industry to understand. Sometimes things look very simple to the guest, yet there is a strategic system for the restaurant.

Gavin Brooks: Apparently their strategy is to discourage parties over 4. No problem with us as Glass Nickel got a nice sale and a server got a nice tip

Annie Torres: Not being disrespectful, but you dont understand how that aspect of business works. Again, sorry that you feel like you had a poor experience.

Gavin Brooks: What is their to understand? There was a party if 6 sitting at the two tables and when they were done we could easily have just replaced them instead of splitting the tables. I think the customer service is key here

Annie Torres: Well, understand that sections are set, numbers are counted for servers. Every establishment has their own way of seating a dining room. Have you ever worked in the restaurant industry?

Maci Jimenez: And how busy really was Glass Nickle Pizza?? Ive never seen them too busy…. and I only live a few blocks away. Im really biting my tongue here….. 😠

Maci Jimenez: I have a puppy already….. lol

Annie Torres: Im guessing thats no. My next question is, in whichever business you work in, have you ever had to say no?

Jayleen Jimenez: Just like Facebook to not print all of my reply back, anyway, Stucs dropped the ball by not accommodating to Sadie and for that, they maded their decision to go elsewhere! WE ALL HAVE CHOICES!

Jayleen Jimenez: And you are right Jan, a matter of MY opinion, as with you and your opinion, we

Jayleen Jimenez: All have choices

Jayleen Jimenez: Well Sara, YOU need to accept the fact that they screwed up which resulted in a no sale on their part, and quit trying to sugar coat things, and obviously you have no idea how customer service and business works!They made a choice and took their business elsewhere, as would we would have,, and often find we find other places that are just as good, if not better. We will travel 75 miles to a place we love to eat at, quality and service to us matter, not distance. And now I suppose your going to bring up how we should buy local !

Jayleen Jimenez: And yo do not see a connection with the car issue, well, when there is a $10 000.00 difference between what they have on their lot, with our having more options and they sold it to us as well as them knowing the complete history of the car because they performed all the maintenance on it, plus they just put new Uniroyals on our car and the one they had on their lot

Jayleen Jimenez: lot would have needed new tires. I watch our money and since you obviously feel that $10,000.00 is a issue and you dont see a.difference on the We all have choices issue, then you need to have a strong cup of coffee!

Gavin Brooks: I think its time to let this one go. Thank you for all the comments. I never thought it would stir up this many comments.

Kaleb Watts: At least Jayleen Jimenez:, has his car problems sorted out.

Iker Gilbert: Sadie,Im thinking they were trying to keep a server happy, perhaps there was an imbalance of tables in a section created, and a server was getting shorted, or another being overworked. The human factor gets in the way of logic sometimes. The hostess failed in communicating to you properly. It is a stressful and demanding job juggling seating ….keeping everyone happy. In my mind…a good hostess tells the servers that we serve the customers, so…accommodate and adjust. Not all of them are that assertive or are able to exert that kind of control in a restaurant. Hopefully youll give them another try….Stucs Pizza and many other dishes are superb. Sarahs comments were trying to help you see other perspectives. Hopefully Stucs sees this and re-examines their seating processes.