Well, its a dump question to all of you. People are saying dont target…

Well, its a dump question to all of you. People are saying dont target this keyword, dont target that keyword. But I saw some sites with very few pages are ranking for some good money keywords. So, how they did that? P:S: Dont say they are giants, they are the SEO leader or they have good lucks. Answer from SEO view. You already might know about 10beasts . so how they did that?

Manuel Parsons: There is no big secret. They probably worked hard online or offline and have been recognized as an authority for these words by users.

Juan Alexander: Well, Would please check out the site I mentioned hear. It was just an one year old domain and ranked for really very very big keywords.

Manuel Parsons: As I said, there is nothing surprising here. Most of their rankings are for overboard stuff and they have good overboard reviews on a well optimized site.

Juan Alexander: Manuel Parsons: Do you think we can outrank them with some killer contents ?

Manuel Parsons: The answer is always yes. Killer in the eyes of Internet users…that is (vs. in your opinion).

Juan Alexander: Manuel Parsons: Well, I really dont know how to out-rank them? I asked some of my SEOs friends and they all tell avoid them. I asked why, then they tell me they ranked for big giants keywords. But I checked the site has really few pages. Anything you would like to suggest me to outrank them ?

Manuel Parsons: Write better content or be more useful. From my first answer, Ive been saying the same thing. There is no secret, you wont find A reason. This guy (10 beasts) might be spending 1-2 week on each post at first, he learned that people liked these posts,…See more

Lauryn Poole: its very hard to trick Google. Might as well do the work.. Im going to print this out and stick it to my wall,

Nayeli Zimmerman: Research scholarship links.

Juan Alexander: Yeah. I read about that. But some SEOs are saying now its not the time to go for Schoolarship links as well mostly University are getting spam day by day by fake Scholarship pages by Affiliate SEOs, or other SEOs. Nayeli Zimmerman: Hope you did your study on the site as well you already known about it. So, any good suggestion to start targeting just his ranking keywords/pages

Nayeli Zimmerman: I did 12 seconds of study on it. I dont have a lot of time for these types for questions. But 10beasts has been doing that type of link building, and a lot of others, for years now. They have the mass and staying power to stay where they are until Google tweaks the algorithm to address these types of links.

Juan Alexander: Nayeli Zimmerman: Scholarship cost a lot right now. What should be min budget should anyone have to outrank their ranked pages for ranked keywords ? (Sorry for asking too many Dumb questions )

Melody Sanchez: Scholarship links Steve? Seriously? Do you have any idea how many audits Ive done where scholarship links were the primary link type, and they came to me for an audit because their rankings sucked? Dude. Scholarship links are just another trick all …See more

Edith Bowers: I know a couple of more websites like 10beasts, they started ranking crazy just after few months. Believe me, content is pretty ordinary on those.

Manuel Parsons: They all good enough content, but they might have others strategies.

Peyton Dunn: Juan Alexander: I have seen this 10 beasts sites link posted so many times in different groups with this story about ranking in a year, making money, scholarship links etc. I wonder how much of that story is true. But that story itself would be getting them backlinks all over the web and social media. I feel their genius is a PR victory where everyone reads a story about ranking fast, making money and shares it everywhere they can.

Juan Alexander: Yeah thats true. It starts getting links from some really cool SEOs website/blogs who have good authority. But that was for its home page. But you know when you have some proven result people love to do anything for you. (Anything means in SEO world, giving links for free)

Peyton Dunn: Juan Alexander: Read what I wrote again, you missed another angle ;)My advice, dont try to copy his strategy, figure out yours.

Juan Alexander: Peyton Dunn: I got that 🙂 Well the story was real. Caz, you see his ranking keywords. So, it was really making good amount of money.. Actually I want to know how to outrank them. I really want to asking these questions but not getting any good guy/gr…See more

Peyton Dunn: Juan Alexander: Few points :1) A guy claimed he was rich, people offered him money to teach them how to be rich. After sometime you checked his bank account. He was rich. Was his initial claim true ? You never know….See more

Juan Alexander: Peyton Dunn: OK, I will start one very soon and Will update it here 🙂 Thanks buddy for your lovely words 🙂

Peyton Dunn: Juan Alexander: Sure. Let us know when your sites up. Will be happy to help 🙂

Melody Sanchez: If you want to get wild conjecture answers, or answers based on fairy dust or magic bullets, thats all youre going to get. If you seriously want to understand why certain sites rank, pay someone to properly audit them. Anything else is a wild guess. Most sites that rank when they have crappy content, do so because of toxic methods. If you want to emulate those toxic methods, just understand that Google is always working to destroy such sites. Sure, Google is TERRIBLE at that, even now going into 2018. However over the years they have wiped out millions of sites that used toxic methods. So its a blindfolded gamble to play that game.

William Lindsey: Brilliant answer. I love it when people who earned their stars confirm what I also say. Google still lacks in many ways, but if you look back to when keyword stuffing and cloaking still worked, theres a huge improvement since the start of search engines.

Lauryn Poole: Hows that plan working out for them now? TBH I feel sorry for the people who just bought it for $600K. I hope they had a contingency clause in the contract.

Juan Alexander: The seller (Lukman) working on it to fix it out for the buyer.. Hope it will back very soon…

Lauryn Poole: You can make a bet with me, Tonmoy, I dont think theyll be back anytime soon. I doubt that site will ever be back and stand by for the downfall of associated sites and those of their firstborn. 🙂

Juan Alexander: Lauryn Poole: No idea. They got huge number of schoolarship link. Maybe he is trying to disallow them.. And One thing did you notice, that they are getting huge number of social signals right now… And everyone who are doing Amazon niche site talking about it and giving them social shares… I think, it will come back but will take time..

Lauryn Poole: Print this out and put it on the wall, mate. Lets check back in 2020 and see what happened. 🙂

Juan Alexander: Lauryn Poole: hahaha..BTW, its not my site so, Im not worried about this 😀 BTW, thanks 🙂

Nayeli Zimmerman: Nothing like buying a site for half a mil only to see it get a manual penalty at nearly the same time. I would be willing to bet a little bit of money that it will not get reversed any time soon. There are more than a few instances in the past where …See more


Juan Alexander: Lauryn Poole: Its back buddy 😀 Aha, I win the bet 😛

Lauryn Poole: Wow. I would have given you odds as well, Juan Alexander:. Oh well.

Nayeli Zimmerman: Im surprised as well. I wonder if the recent sale played a role in getting it restored.