We are new to the area so we are still seeking out our favorite places…

We are new to the area so we are still seeking out our favorite places. We are having a hard time finding pizza we like. Pizza here in Wisconsin is different than in lower Michigan. The other night we checked out Luigis in Neenah. We walked in to eat nearly empty restaurant. Not a good sign. The soda pop was so weak we had to ask for cans. Got a hand tossed pizza because we like a thicker crust, But parts of the crust were burnt and the flavor just didnt cut it. On the other hand, we also had the spaghetti. The meat sauce was very flavorful although a little lacking the meat part. Overall, we would go back to try other things on the menu but seek our pizza fix elsewhere.

Madeleine Stephens: try Stucs

Delilah Brewer: Glass Nickel in Appleton or Cranky Pats in Neenah.

Miriam Brooks: Try Cranky Pats in NeenahAWESOME pizza 🙂

Heidi Haynes: Dont like thin crust.

Maggie Morales: Stucs may be your best bet then.

Heidi Haynes: Hubby didnt like. Sigh. Looking forward to Costco opening.

Mckenna Thornton: Stucs is good. Also try Wiseguys in Menasha. Their pizza is good and they have some interesting topping combos.

Clayton Mcdonald: Sals has New York style pizza.

Zariah Tyler: Glass Nickel Pizza may also be a good thicker crust option.

Janelle Keller: Home Run Pizza in Appleton is great

Alyssa Frank: There is a new place opening inside the marketplace downtown Neenah.

Beau Ingram: I really like Wiseguys in Menasha.

Alyssa Frank: A good friend who loves pizza goes to Brothers in the strip mall by Hu Hot on West College in Appleton.

Ariyah Roy: Wiseguys on Onieda street in Menasha – Yummy!

Heaven Burke: You should check out Franks pizza on south commercial street. Been going there better then 40 years.

Gracelynn Guzman: I will take a Sammys Pizza any day!

Mckenna Thornton: They are looking for thick crust not thin remember.

Beau Ingram: Our favorite thick crust is from Papa Murphys. Pan style. Very good.

Maggie Morales: Makes me think how popular thin crust is around here. I wish there was a good Chicago style place around here. Unos is not up to snuff.

Mckenna Thornton: Giordanos North maybe? That would be awesome

Anthony Young: My favorite is Stuc`s..Pizza King .. Sammys..Pagoni`s is also good..

Kyla Flowers: We have our favorites, Luigis is on the list definitely – have never gotten a burnt pizza there. Toppers is good too, plus we like Papa Murphys and Little Caesars.. depends on our mood. We dont like the cracker thin crust pizzas.

Grayson Mendoza: Try pagonis in neenah the Sicilian is my fav its thicker they also have Chicago style and regular deep dish and if you go on Monday and eat there half price pizza with two drinks

Clara Dixon: Luigis was decent, especially their stuffed pizza. It differed from Chicago stuffed as it wasnt topped with sauce so we added some. Cranky Pats wasnt that good, tried the lunch buffet there . We had hoped for better. Glass Nickel is good.

Charlie Christensen: Stucs Deep Dish! I bet youll LOVE it

Raymond Hubbard: Canovas downtown Neenah-best pizza around.

Lilith Reeves: Butchs in Kimberly

Clara Dixon: I prefer Stucs over Cranky Pats.

April Floyd: Youll like uno Chicago if you dont like thin crust.


Everett Boyd: Im from the North East and until a few years ago there was nothing that even resembled a New York style pizza. If you can enjoy that type of pizza, go to Sal

Everett Boyd: Sals on College Ave. Across from the PAC. Its VERY good

Everett Boyd: Fox Valley style pizza but a good Italian taste thanks to Franks background

Simon Spencer: Francyn here is the list of voted Best of the Valley, Pizza Category: Wisinfo.biz

Best of the Valley

Everett Boyd: I also like Luigis but Francyn did not. All a matter of taste.

Zariah Tyler: Ed Engelman it is now called ZzaOdyssey same pizza different name

Heidi Haynes: We like Jets but it is in Little Chute and we are west of Neenah. Too far.

Everett Boyd: Pagonis in Neenah isnt too bad

Everett Boyd: But dont let the name fool ya. They are not Italian

Heidi Haynes: Tried Pagonis and it was pretty good but the last time, the za was burnt but we didnt realized til we got home. Just checked Odyssey and its thin crust. Papa Murphys is close. Toppers is pretty good. We will keep trying. Thanks for the suggestions.

Clara Dixon: Toppers in Menasha is horrid. Poor customer service, long wait. . I know you said you tried Luigis but the do offer a thicker crust version and even stuffed pizza.

Evelynn George: Butchs has been around over 40 years and I think they are great.

Amari Reid: where did you move from??

April Floyd: Everett Boyd:, what nationality do you think Luigis is?? They speak Italian at home and the grandma in the Ballard location does not even speak English. Very authentic but low key pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes at Luigis in Menasha, Appleton Belvue and Manitowoc.

Mckenna Thornton: He was talking about Pagonis not Luigis

April Floyd: Oh whoops! My bad…true story about pagonis, but on a good note, Luis, the owner of pagonis, has a huge garden where he grows most of his ingredients…cool guy too 🙂

Heidi Haynes: Had Toppers the other night. Hand tossed was good and Tall was thicker. Good flavors but need to ask for more sauce next time. Still a long way from our house and quite pricy.

Heidi Haynes: Moved from lower Michigan, just outside of Ann Arbor. Amari Reid:

Amari Reid: I moved from Ohio several years ago

Everett Boyd: April Floyd: The Luigis are all owned and operated by Italians , most of who are relatives. My favorite is the one in Manitowoc. The are cousins to the Menasha family.