Two questions: 1. What value Google My business reviews? 2. Google My …

Two questions: 1. What value Google My business reviews? 2. Google My Business displays unresponded reviews – as if it is important/relevant they should ALL be responded to – surely if someone has left a review the business doesnt need to respond? With a thank you? Or is it best practice to respond anyway?

Adriel Stokes: Its generally good practice to respond, positive or negative. But that can get hairy if the client is less than open to criticism. Remember, various terms like Twitter Meltdown are a thing, and can happen anywhere.But yes, it is kind of basic customer service. Though some businesses havent caught on to it. Good, bad, or ugly – a responsive business shows effort.Theyre pretty much just social proof. Search for your favorite type of restaurant in any nearby village. Youll see reviews dont amount to much.

Mariam Jackson: Just doesnt seem necessary in some circumstances – someone leaves a comment/review – great service, would use again etc – what are you supposed to reply with? Thank you?

Adriel Stokes: Yeah, or something to that affect. Social. Proof. The business is listening.

Mariam Jackson: I shall have to think of different ways to say thank you.. and hopefully the customers dont reply with thats okay, thank you – this could go on a while.. 😉

Adriel Stokes: You generally dont have to acknowledge and acknowledgement. It just gets awkward after that.

Mariam Jackson: Adriel Stokes: just kidding.. 🙂

Adriel Stokes: I have PSEOFBGS. Post SEO Facebook Groups Syndrome.

Gianna Fox: Mariam Jackson: Theres a metric ton of possible responses: Always nice to hear from a happy customer, Pleased to hear that -thanks!, Thank you… we love hearing we got it right!, No problem – thats our job! And we LOVE it!, etc.Just make each one unique and personalized, so they dont sound like theyre just rubber-stamped.

Victoria Olson: More overreach by Google. Who as a small business owner, has time to respond to 800 positive reviews with thank you? What value is added? None.

Mariam Jackson: Which begs the question – why does Google bother to list them. If it was complaints or customer feedback I could understand it – but reviews!

Noah Williamson: I look at reviews as lead generators. Get a review, give a reward. You don’t have to advertise that you are doing this, just start doing it. Give a small discount on their next purchase in your “Thank you.” People reading the reviews will start to see the pattern happening and will be encouraged to leave a review as well. A repeat customer who tells their network….yes, that’s the “Optimizational Reward.” Give a little get a lot. Happy SEO’ing🏆

Lia Crawford: Both points are very very important.

Lorelai Graves: Look out for the negative reviews. Someone might be dissatisfied or may leave a not so good review. You should definitely respond those, explaining clearly why the customer couldnt be satisfied. If you dont respond, then to a person searching on Google its like They dont even care about their reviews. Try to be as responsive as possible, fill in all the pictures in Google Maps, make sure its 100% complete. This would also help in your local SEO.

Kyler Castillo: If you have the resources respond to them all. But actually take the time to personalise the response based on what they said and encourage them to visit you again soon.