The Shack. Edit – My mate got a Jerk Chicken Wrap & said it was amazin…

The Shack. Edit – My mate got a Jerk Chicken Wrap & said it was amazing but refused to do a review!🤷🏼‍♂️ My review is on my food only – Chilli Burger. Service 6/10 – The person serving was nice. The food is made to order so I expected a wait but it was extended by the fact that they forgot about part of my order which was another long wait. Quality 6/10 – The chilli & burger were tasty but the bun was soggy to the point it was inedible so I set it aside & ate the rest. Value 6/10 – £4.50 Pundage 6/10 – My hands are not massive the burger is just quite small.

Maia Reid: Comparison between a shack burger and a micky dees saver menu is like comparing a Ferrari to a bus for getting a lift .

Leila Page: Comparison was for size only, not quality.

Maia Reid: Leila Page: fresh beef burger or mickey dees thats been sitting keeping warm for God knows how long. Im sure if its busy to phone ahead next time. Burgers usually spot on

Leila Page: Mike noted & amended.

Madeleine Ryan: Ogi youve opened a can of worms here hahaha

Juliana Moran: Oh think this is first review from here were the person has been unhappy, its a bit of a wait but its all cooked fresh in front of ya!

Juliana Moran: Gill always writes on post call to order for collection saves u hanging round also

Ryan Smith:


Arianna Ruiz: are you expecting a nice dry bun when youve got chilli all over your burger?

Leila Page: It was the bottom half & outside of the bun that was soggy, probably because it was sat wrapped in tin foil for 10 min whilst the forgotten part of my order was being made.

Hailey Barnes: Never ever seen the chilli rhumba looking like that.Did ya eat most of it then sit on it? Haha.Never had any issues with the shack.Best burgers in toon by a mile.I will agree it can take a wee while to wait for it but she makes it fresh and to order so ya have to expect a wait.

Dallas Montgomery: The Shack>Five Guys>Shite>McDonalds

Amanda Hunter: Looks barkit, did you throw it about before eating it? 😂

Elliot Norman: Not everyone is going to have a perfect experience.

Michelle Ramsey: Love a chilli rhumba.Canny keep everyone happy tho I suppose

Ashley Wells: Ive always found the burgers here amazing tbh. I also had the recently added to the menu Nachos and omg absolutely amazing!!!

Valeria Peters: I always thought you had small hands mate ?

Amanda Hunter: Love how everyone is moaning about the guys review. Just because you had a good experience and he had a bad one, doesnt mean its wrong 😂 ffs its peoples individual opinions no a witch hunt.

Rose Foster: The shack is class. Don burger put me in a ket hole.

Samara Barnett: Make. You got a bad one. Try it again. See what you think.

Gia Jackson: Mate I was there ages ago and didnt find it near as good as all the hype it gets !!!!

Briella Hines: Leila Page: ur getting some stick for your review mate , only giving ur opinion!! , iv been to the shack a few times and usually get the chicken jerk wrap and that is amazing maybe try that if u go back and il bet ur opinion changes👍

Ariana Mccoy: Hi Brian sorry your bun was soggy & I forgot part your order but its honestly been one of they days. G🍔

Leila Page: Thanks for your comment Gill, these things happen so it hasnt put me off. Ill be back to try a wrap next time, it looked great!

Ariana Mccoy: Leila Page: cheers pal look forward to seeing you. Im still here its been a crazy day head was ah wharFree san P on your return x

Sean Briggs: I cant ever complain about The Shack.Bloody love that place

Adelyn Abbott: The shack is the business😎 honestly cant fault it. 10/10!