Sorry in advance for the negative review. Went to Houdinis for lunch t…

Sorry in advance for the negative review. Went to Houdinis for lunch today. Ive always loved their dinner, figured lunch would be just as wonderful. I was wrong. Ordered this: Wisconsin Benedict shaved sirloin | sauteed onion & mushroom | spinach | cheddar | two fried eggs | truffle mornay | sourdough | potatoes & toast Asked for no mushrooms, no luck cuz theyre already mixed in with the onions. Came out with runny eggs, I had to send it back cuz I think sunny side up is gross. She said thats how they come unless you specify. In my opinion, if it says fried egg, you should ask how you want it fried, not assume. They remade the eggs, added MORE mornay on top so now I couldnt see if they were done, and everything was way oversalted, including the potatoes. We never got water, and had no idea there was a special because she neglected to tell us that as well. Ill stick to their dinners- lesson learned the hard way :/
Joshua Evans::

Joshua Evans::

Ava Poole: But their menu specifically said fried egg. I copied that right from their menu. But thanks, Ill remember that for next time. It was my first time ordering a Benedict.

Joshua Evans: No problem, just putting it out there that benidict almost always comes with poached eggs, maybe wording change in the menu is needed, I love me some benidict

Ava Poole: Thanks for that, Ive never had them before so I had no idea. I wish I liked runny yolks!

Kyler Hawkins: Joshua Evans: S.A.P. by the FRM has some wonderful Benedicts-

Joshua Evans: Kyler Hawkins: their smoked salmon benidict is what dreams are made of lol, also the heuvos rancheros I could eat every day.

Ava Poole: The candied bacon was good 🙂

Kyler Montgomery: I work at Houdinis (part-time bartender) and am so sorry you had this experience. I love our brunch! But, that aside, I can assure you that if the manager was made aware of your displeasure, they would have done something for you. I really hope you give our brunch another chance! Happy to hear youll still come in for dinner!

Ava Poole: I was disappointed, but Id maybe try it again as long as Im not craving steak. Everyone deserves a second chance 🙂

Sasha Logan: Did you know you can order poached eggs cooked medium? I suffered through YEARS of half-eaten meals because I can not abide juicy whites…I finally googled the terminology and asked at SAP. They were happy to oblige and this scared to ask til now lady has been happy ever since. PS. Same goes for fried eggs. Just blurt out Eggs medium every time and your whites and yolks will be lovely.

Ava Poole: Thanks Sasha Logan:. I try to remember to ask for mine over hard, I cant handle runny yolks. 🙂

Harley Johnson: I, too, hate runny yolk and have come to find that I should always assume they are the standard and I always have to specify. I recommend the croque madame at Houdinis, its wonderful.