Sorry for asking this but its killing me inside. My husbands best frie…

Sorry for asking this but its killing me inside. My husbands best friend was friends with me but I broke it off after a few things that disturbed me. Now looking back at a couple of things that really disturb me besides other things are one that he asked me out for coffee and when I said what just u and me he said yes and when I told him I cant be friends with him anymore as my husband is my bestfriend and I dont feel comfortable he inisisted and said why and kept trying to push for it..My husband constantly hungs out with and I said if the roles were reversed and my best friend asked my husband out for coffee she would no longer be my best friend…..isnt he totally disrespecting me as his wife

Anna Maria Georgopoulos: shouldnt he be standing up for instead of hanging out with this guy that obviously had if so some intentions with me?

Anna Maria Georgopoulos: is it all in my head?

Anna Maria Georgopoulos: Anthony what r your thoughts

Theresa David-Mason: Yes he is. Dump him now.

Anna Maria Georgopoulos: dump my husband?

Vlad Padina: He is disturbed or worse. Did you try telling your husband?

Anna Maria Georgopoulos: yes and he wont believe me

Scicolone Francis: You need to talk to your husband about this. Just say that his friend probably doesnt realize that relationships change because of marriage, career, religion etcetera. Have your husband talk to him.

Stamatis Steve Stamatopoulos: Didn’t you ask this question a while back?

Jerry Takis: What was the outcome of our previous advice?

Felicity Backman: Stamatis. I recall it too…

Anastasios Tsatsakis: He should respect your wishes and understand that you don’t want to create a wrong impression to your husband.

Jerry Takis: Agree totally. It seems like he refuses in her eyes and husband perceives a misunderstanding or lack of the threat of temptation on tbe part of his friend.

Julie Meadors Long: I believe you are making an issue out of nothing. People can ask you for coffee, lunch or to a movie any time they wish. Its up to YOU to not engage in any kind of behavior you feel is inappropriate.

Anastasios Tsatsakis: It’s also important not to create a potential misunderstanding with your husband or wife. We don’t go out with opposite sex alone so that nobody can report a false scenario. In other words, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. People are not perfect so act like it and avoid potentially bad situations.

Christina Catherine: Get advice from your priest…

Lana Kokayeff: Trust your instincts. There is a very good reason they were given to you.

Felicity Backman: This forum is for asking about our church and our beliefs and practices. Are you asking if its okay for an Orthodox woman to go out for coffee with a male friend and no one else? We have no Doctrine on that. Youre free to choose. If your husband is fine with it, and you want to go, go. If you dont want to go, dont go. If you are so distressed by the guy, forgive him in your heart, ask forgiveness for judging him, and then get serious about praying for him daily. You dont have to interact with him… That much is certain.Let your husband draw his own conclusions about his friend. You should not try to control that.Actually, it seems youre trying to control others. This is wrong. Just control yourself. Youve posted this here in a way that makes the other guy sound very scurrilous, and are asking us to side with you against him: but we dont even know him. Youve tried to engage us in judging him along with you. Some have already pronounced judgment on him here, going only by your hearsay. For people here to listen to bad reports about him behind his back is for us to participate in gossip and slander, both listed as grave sins, in Scripture. 😱You also make your husband sound either stupid or cruel, siding against you in favor of his best friend.There are thousands of members in this public group, so thats a lot of people who have now have this terrible impression of both of them, by your hearsay alone.I really urge you to take such a personal matter to your priest, or his wife or other trusted confidante, because it really is wrong to use this forum to badmouth others, even if youre right about them. I hope folks here will repent for joining you in your judgement, and, perhaps, all agree to pray for you and your situation as you take it PRIVATELY to someone who can help you work through it. I say these things because it is really very bad for YOUR soul to judge others, badmouth them publicly in a way that they cant speak for themselves, and drag others into judging them along with you. Scripture is full of warnings against these things.