Somehow I fouled up and lost my pictures but I went to Gardinas last n…

Somehow I fouled up and lost my pictures but I went to Gardinas last night. It is one I dont read about a lot here. They bill themselves as a Wine Bar and Cafe but their beer list is longer than their wine list. The beer list is printed on receipt paper and handed to you. They also have some unique bourbons and such as well as some specialty cocktails. Wife got the Prosecco and I got the WIld Turkey Rare Breed. The back bar showcases many of their top shelf liquor. Oddly decorated with christmas icicle lights. Speaking of decor, nice rustic feel with old hardwood floors but a bit under kept. They also have some ripped leather on bar stools. There is also a small liquor store in the back. Started out with the Pear, Brie, Proscuitto Crostini which was a good time. Glad to see it offered and executed well. Wife had the around the world cheese plate which she enjoyed more than RYEs charcuterie. I went with the Smoked Beef Brisket. Great meat, soft as can be. Melt in your mouth. Bun is substantial and stable. Would love to try this with a good BBQ sauce. They serve it with a nice Au jus. For dessert I went with the White Chocolate Lemon. Very nicely done. Love the menu options. The restaurant itself could use some work. The staff was there and not hovering. It was very slow on a Monday night. Just a carry out order and another couple at the bar.

Arya Green: Ive never heard of this place, where is it please?

Steven Gomez: Oshkosh
Oshkosh best restaurant for American gourmet fine dining.

Anna Mcbride: lucky it was so quiet-considering the restof the town is so busy w/Country USA

Lola Reid: I can attest that it is one of Oshkoshs best–weve been going there for at least 5 years. It is run by true foodies. I ne er mentioned it here because Oshkosh isnt usually included under the Fox Valley heading.

Bailey Torres: Im confused, are cheese plates considered the same as charcuterie plates?

Steven Gomez: Im confused, did anyone claim they were the same? 🙂

Margaret Mckinney: I had the same question …because of the way the review was worded, not because I am ignorant of charcuterie. 😉

Eric Evans: Wife had around the world cheese plate which she enjoyed more than RYEs charcuterie

Steven Gomez: Right, enjoyed one thing more than another is not saying two things are the same…. Im only normal folk. Not a pro writer but I enjoy tacos more than pizza doesnt mean tacos are pizza.

Eric Evans: Saying you enjoyed toppers pizza more than Taco Bell tacos just doesnt seem to make sense ? Two totally different things. So comparing cheese and meat doesnt seem to make much sense to me either. Just saying

Steven Gomez: But its true.. 😀. Ill take a taco Bell taco over any pizza. I just said it and it makes perfect sense. I prefer one over than the other. Even if they arent the same thing. Both food 🙂 one I like more.

Eric Evans: What does RYEs charcuterie have to do with gardinas cheeseboard is what Im not understanding ? I liked their cheese more than someone elses meat? Haha

Steven Gomez: I think both are normally appetizers. Like cake and ice cream are both normally desserts.

Steven Gomez: But once again, Im just a keyboard contributor of free content on a local restaurant review group on Facebook. Have both, dare to compare. 🙂

Eric Evans: I wouldnt compare a cake from One restaurant to ice cream from another place. Doesnt seem to make much since but I only commented to let someone know their is a difference:)

Steven Gomez: Youre just better than me. ;(

Eric Evans: Only if you say so;)

Eric Evans: ^No they are not the same

Bailey Torres: Oh cool! Thanks for clearing that up!

Allyson Cooper: Sounds fancy in french, literal translation is meat store 😂😂😂

Steven Gomez: Im just a hack.

Lola Reid: You cant compare things from different groups in terms of your subjective experience of them? Ridiculous. We make decisions based on such comparisons nearly every time we order a meal. I can also say one places pizza is better than another places steak based on how well each is done, and that is a meaningful comparison. But even without getting into presentation or preparation , I can enjoy one more than another. Missys stance is indefensible because it ignores the judgments and comparisons we all make, albeit without much conscious effort at times.

Eric Evans: Sounds good Gerry!👌🏽 Like I said I initially made the comment to let sean know their is a difference between the two.

Allyson Cooper: Is this becoming a literary review site? 😂

Lyla Bell: And…this post just got tedious…thanks for the review though, Steven Gomez:. Looking forward to trying it out!

Callie Logan: Patrick and Missy, just get married and be done with it.

Everett Bass: Great place! Excellent food, service and music, we try to keep it to ourselves😉

Steven Gomez: my wife took a pic of the offender.