So what is everyones favorite supper clubs? Im making this summer, “…

So what is everyones favorite supper clubs? Im making this summer, “The Summer of Supper Clubs”. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Tatum Wheeler: Cedar Lodge is my favorite!

Harmony Fletcher: where is that?

Tatum Wheeler: In calumetsville I think its called.

Sarai Warner: Dick and Joans Supper Club

Ariah Snyder: Jim and Lindas in pipe yummy go hungry you get a ton

Isla Doyle: Roepkes in Charlesburg

Keira Norman: Really? Living in the holy land area… I wouldnt recommend any of the places around here…

Hazel Hawkins: Black otter, Cedar Lodge, Dick and Joans, and Red Ox. (cant pick just one!)

Josue Black: Red-Ox Seafood Steakhouse

Nora Reed: Martys Place in Kimberly, Krabbes Kountry Club, Little Chicago

Nicholas Bowman: Red ox

Sarai Warner: The Waters in New London (owned by people from Dick and Joans). Should be a great weekend to sit on the patio.

Harmony Fletcher: i wish that salad bar wasnt under that cover there… ugggg

Sarah Larson: The Prime Steer in Kaukauna is da bomb

Sarai Warner: The Tenderloin for Two is amazing.

Olivia Reynolds: Jim and Lindas

Vivienne Obrien: Wheres this?

Olivia Reynolds: In Pipe, on the East side of Winnebago. It sits literally feet from the Lake so if you go go at sunset, its amazing

Laila Carpenter: Dick and Joans is a favorite but MJs in Hortonville is also very good. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Remi Fitzgerald: Georges Steak House in Appleton

Adalyn Hoffman: Im going to Georges for the first time this Friday. Its my first stop on “The Summer of Supper Clubs”

Remi Fitzgerald: I hope you enjoy it!

Rose Lloyd: Calumet County visitors or chamber has a supper club and fish fry map. My husband and I just check one off the list after each time out. Not a bad place yet.

Laila Bradley: Krabbes Kountry Klub in Seymour, Out of Town Club, Colonial House, Little Chicago, Lake Park Pub

Kaia Wagner: Marks East Side

Braelynn Price: Black Otter or Schwarz

Keira Norman: Black Otter blows Schwartz out of the water… Id rather do subway than go to schwartzs again….

Braelynn Price: And I would say the same about Dick & Joans, Red Ox, and Georges. 💁🏻‍♀️. Its a matter of personal preference

Damien Reyes: Skyview Club

Sarai Warner: Also a great place to sit on the patio.

Laila Carpenter: Forgot about Skyview…yum!

Grace Schwartz: Laila Carpenter: does MJs have a salad bar?

Laila Carpenter: Grace Schwartz: yes, they do

Jayla Wolfe: Matters in Manawa.

Brooke Daniels: Donnys Glidden Lodge in outside Sturgeon Bay

Bethany Walton: Marks East side, Genos, Seymour hotel, black otter

Lilly Williamson: Ishnala in the Dells. Best in the state for sure

Esther Lee: Roxy in Oshkosh

Bethany Collier: Out O Town club

Damien Pearson: There is no search bar question w greater results

Adalyn Hoffman: I really crushed it, thank you.

Angelina Daniels: Granary Supper Club in Sherwood

George Mills: Genos in black creek!

Selah Lawson: Black otter in Hortonville

Parker Stevenson: Georges Appleton

Raelynn Graves: Antlers supper club in bonduel

Mila Mcbride: Village Hearthstone, Hilbert, Cedar Lodge, Malone(Calumetville)

Diego Martin: Kathie ,Is the Village hearthstone ,also roepckes?

Mila Mcbride: No, roepkes is in Charlesburg

Mila Mcbride: Village Hearthstone in Hilbert, also Cedar Lodge in Calumetville

Collin Fernandez: The roxy

Jennifer Soto: We did the Calumet Supper Club tour one year. Very fun! They actually have a Calumet Supper Club booklet at the Calumet County Courthouse. It has the history of the supper clubs..Sorry if this is TMI on the supper clubs! 😀

Blair Hamilton: No such thing as TMI on supper clubs!

Kehlani Warner: Viking Supper Club in Larsen

Preston Keller: Blancks in Johnsburg…

Elliana Johnston: Lox Club in combined locks

Mikayla Schmidt: I am totally in love with the Viking supper club. Truth be told, have not been there for dinner, but if their lunch is an indicator Im sure dinner would be exceptional!

Zariah Massey: The Pine Tree has AMAZING prime rib but the wait time is insane. We love The Waters.

Nevaeh Owens: Donnys Gliden Lodge Sturgeon Bay in HWY 57

Ivan King: I feel like Ed should start a Fox Valley Supper Club review group…

Brooklyn Watkins: He has one!

Elle Lynch: Boarding House, Suring.

Vera Rios: Following

Serenity Patrick: Red Ox

Karsyn Holmes: Schwartzs, Heiting Place, Cedar Lodge, Little Chicago, Red Ox, Martys Place and Hotel Seymour.

Annie Wise: Jimmys White House in the town of Butte des Morts

Rylie Hanson: Dick & Joans 220 Lynndale

Zachary Salazar: Biggars in Winneconne

Kinley Dawson: I havent been to many supper clubs since I moved here.

Madeline Morgan: Didnt see Hahns in Fremont listed.
Hahn-A-Lula Resort & Supper Club

Gloria Adkins: Timmermans in East Dubuque Il…. HANDS DOWN!

Leah Craig: Lox Club in Combined Locks.

Thiago Jimenez: DICK AND JOANS,.

Penelope Andrews: Glidden Lodge in Door County is my fave so far, but Ive been hearing about Cedar Lodge by lake Winnebago and want to try it!