Quick question from a newbie… I hear all the time people talking abo…

Quick question from a newbie… I hear all the time people talking about creative financing and buying with no money down, and what not… and also OPM (Other Peoples Money) Everywhere I search for more info on such things aside from BiggerPockets, it wants me to pay for it. I will if you all believe theres a reliable source for this information that absolutely has to be purchased… Just looking for some direction to get myself out of a financial pit I put myself in.

Eloise Ward: Look up the kingdom Brady Palmer: can help you if youre serious.

Brady Palmer: The Kingdom Real Estate. Its worth the money.

Josephine Abbott: No

Alina Gutierrez: Somehow I already liked it lol checking it out

Josephine Abbott: Alina Gutierrez: why check it out? Dig deeper into the free platforms! They are better then the paid crap

Alina Gutierrez: Just attacking it from all sides.

Alina Gutierrez: I cant ask for direction and not at least give it a full view.

Scarlett Holmes: Depends on what you are paying for… Some need a structured setting to learn… Nothing wrong with it… Ive seen real shitty advice given on free platforms too… Theres a lot to learn about creative financing and laws that come with it… Go to a local group where ever youre at Tighmir…

Knox Mason: Josephine Abbott: can you suggest 2-3 free platforms?

Josephine Abbott: Knox Mason:Biggerpockets forum and podcast is my favorite. There are other very good podcasts as well. Local real estate/landlord meetup groups are even better. YouTube has some good ones as well. Local Facebook landlord groups

Scarlett Holmes: There are SOOO many gurus out there. Best is to find local group with experienced investors doing deals… Even then you get investors who want to charge for mentoring… In any situation you will pay for some form of education because not 1 site is 100% free… Get in where you can…

Lucille Butler: Or REI Masters…

Alina Gutierrez: Thanks!!

Josephine Abbott: Biggerpockets and their podcast along with other podcasts and YouTube. Dont pay for anything other then a down payment!!

Alina Gutierrez: I hear ya.

Joel Baker: Honestly info is everywhere but most by people who arent doing deals. Creative REI is a term loosely used by people that miss the meaning. You first need to find a lead or it really doesnt matter what creative strategy you want to use. Some leads will require different techniques to close with the seller and this is where skill or some sort of training is required. Id say dont concentrate on no money down but focus on finding the leads. Leads are converted to deals….In my business I use this motto….He who controls the leads controls the deals, and therefore he controls the business. I focus my business on 90 strategies to find deals in any market…..

Faith Vasquez: Ding ding ding!

Alina Gutierrez: Agreed

Faith Vasquez: Tighmir, way too much free info out there to spend a dime on a non-investment. I even stalked people on BiggerPockets for advice. And I got it.When first starting, I found a buyer. ONE flipper. He gave me his requirements. From my network, I found 2-3 partners in those key areas who were direct to seller. We JVd to my Buyer. boom, one deal done. From there, the possibilities are endless but this is only 1 out of 100 ways to do a deal in Real Estate. Now Im doing Multifamily!

Alanna Simmons: Real estate agents -some- know hard money lenders. See if you can network and meet some of them

Jada Gross: Hard money still requires a small down payment and fees. Typically need about 7k to get hard Money around here.

Makayla Rhodes: Ever thought of mentorship and connecting with a nationwide real estate investing community. Its how I and one of the admin of this website started. He and his brother raised over $6million last year. I just did an owner financing on a 4unit with little money down a few weeks ago.

Sabrina Shaw: Be careful on what you pay for. Most of the stuff out there is good but like others said on this its mostly just the info you can find on the free platforms. I love my education group/community because we are just that a COMMUNITY. We learn together so deals together and Grow together. Its great when you have a question at 3am because someone is always around that KNOWS what they are talking about and willing to help. But Im rambling, you can inbox me we can talk more about it 😁

Zion Baker: .

Autumn Allen: How is your “pay nothing for tested real estate investing advice” going.Find a mentor that is an expert in doing the kind of investing that you want, check that person out, and learn from him/her.Of course those experts arent going to be educating people for free……….Would you sort of agree with me on this?Good luck

Margaret Colon: This is not true. I know of two local investors who teach people what they do at no cost. I go to their meetups regularly and I, along with everyone they teach, get to ask for their advice everyday on Facebook and they answer all our questions. One o…See more

Cameron Alvarado: Agreed. Meet ups are great place to network, learn and take focused action.

Maliyah Reeves: Look these up on YouTube Morris InvestMy real estate dojoReiclub.com

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Joseph Bryan: Joseph Bryan: looking for 445k in Rock Creek I have under contract

Cameron Alvarado: Check out bootstraprei.com and search for their seller financing training.

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Zander Wallace: .

Lennon Hart: Nothing Down by Robert Allen. The first and the best.