Quick Premiere question. I have footage that is mp4 that was shot free…

Quick Premiere question. I have footage that is mp4 that was shot free run time of day. I imported into premiere and every clip says source timecode starts at 00:00:00. Checked metadata settings in bin but I dont see any choices that show me the actual timecode. Advice?

Robert Fixer Smith: I dont believe the mp4 spec defines a timecode track. Your camera may have written its own custom metadata field but not something Premiere can read as timecode.What does the metadata in the mp4 contain?

Bruce Abrams: I just see creation date, V&A tracks and FPS

Bruce Abrams: Should I try it in AVID?

Robert Fixer Smith: Use ffmpeg or mediainfo and read the complete metadata

John Matthews: Did you just drag in the Files out with the camera folder structure.? MP4 wrapped files like Sony EX, need the metadata in the side-car files.

Bruce Abrams: I imported the whole folder at the top level.

John Matthews: I dont know enough about PP, which usually points to media, so not sure how it translates TC. AMA Link in Avid. FCPX would re-wrap. If you had a file in its structure, card Id be happy to try in all of them even Resolve, because this problem crops up a lot

Bruce Abrams: I also have AVID so Ill try it there. Thanks

John Matthews: Bruce It must be possible to get TC out of Mp4 I have TOD Gopros on my timelines all the time

John Matthews: None of these formats have a TC anymore they count frames form a known start as AFAIK

Arthur Bell: Isn’t the timecode camera and not codec dependent?

Robert Fixer Smith: MP4 is a container, not a codec.

Arthur Bell: Rodger that, my loose on the details.