Question for the collective: YouTube or Vimeo for videos? What are SEO…

Question for the collective: YouTube or Vimeo for videos? What are SEO implications of each, or does it matter?

Devin Brock: Good question. 👍

Wyatt Campbell: Youtube is my preference given the preponderance of YouTube over any other platforms on Google.

Messiah Aguilar: what about for link earning though?

Messiah Aguilar: The argument is whether hosting the videos on the client site would offer opportunity to link back to them rather than a link to youtube?

Wyatt Campbell: Thats a different question imho, of whether to host or not, not really related to what service.In that situation, then its up to the goals of the video campaign.

Messiah Aguilar: ok thanks.

Wyatt Campbell: If Im not seeing videos on the SERPs, go host for the links.

London Howell: Id say hosting yourself would be the best, in terms of SEO, at least for most businesses. But bandwidth could become an issue, depending upon the hosting service. I do think, though, that YouTube (which would be my preference, over Vimeo) hosted videos can be put to good SEO use.

Ruby Chapman: If its part of a marketing effort, YouTube.But if you need it for higher quality video for embedding, Vimeo.

Arya Ellis: It’s far easier to drive traffic from Youtube. Traffic is how natural links naturally occur. It’s easier to build an audience on Youtube. Building an audience means you can move more traffic over time.That’s assuming it’s got to be “or.” Other than picking one for embedding, there’s no need to just use one.

Hudson Moreno: Time Square Electronic Billboard Screens!

Hudson Moreno: Oh. wait. Youre asking specific to internet arent you?

Hudson Moreno: Nevermind.

Allison Welch: Since Google is also YouTube, I made YouTube my number 1 focus. However, I am not disregarding Vimeo.