Question: Do you think people are still buying physical real estate co…

Question: Do you think people are still buying physical real estate courses with binder (paper) and CDs? 500 pages, 10 CDs, $500. Your thoughts or ideas……….Thanks

Megan Romero: Yes, they do… At way too high prices. If you are looking for something specific you might get it for a fraction of the cost online…

Dakota Turner: Yes, I do.

Beckett Mcgee: It seems you found Rob LeGrands courses.

Phoenix Gonzales: I got one last year: Joachim Jack Boschs program. Hes also got an online aspect to the course.

Finn Doyle: You must get in the game to learn most of whats happening. Beyond that, there are great books that overview the field… Then I would find a SUCCESSFUL real estate investor who is willing to mentor someone (like you) who is passionate about this great way of helping people to find a home. See you at the top.

Elliott Matthews: People will buy stone tablets if they believe it will help them

Rowan Robertson: Funny. So true!!

Mira Cobb: I would put it all online or in an app. Have people pay for access. So much easier to sell and distribute. Just think of all the money youll save on cds and books!

Amber Becker: I take people who want my program by the hand show them the way take 15% when its sold after rehab and all now thats how it should really be done I have guy came to me in feb who had a 1 bedroom apartment and a dog now he owns a 200 trailer trailer park 100 % occupied and we just finished his 3rd flip! Long story short if they dont teach hands on they aint shit lol

Gage Hernandez: Yes

Maia Perkins: Always be weary of that kinda of crap. I would just find a good mentor ( realtor with investment experience, or experienced investor) a lot of these gurus push these courses for a living ….if these courses were so good, why arent they out there Makin a killing instead of seminars? Just like the garbage infomercials you see on late night TV, be very skeptical….even if they sound legit like Trump University….

Selena Barnes: Whats a CD?

Abby Garza: Yes thats why the gurus are still selling them

Dean Knight: Education is part of learning any business or trade. But just like school and college you have teachers(people )to help you understand answer questions on what you read. Just like a doctor or lawyer you intern along side a seasoned experienced lawyer or doctor. So the most successful ones in anything are those who have /had a coach or mentor. The cost of the book, boot camp or seminar including the cost of a coach is a very small cost compared to the wealth you can Achieve. Want a seasoned experienced coach that can be free? Go to
Joint Venture Partnership Mentoring Program

Maxwell French: I got Lou Browns program in binders, s and on site training in Atlanta, GA. Motivational, informative and I can refer back to my binders and cds as I need to.

Kai Walker: Yeah, because there are good sales people selling them LOL

Reagan Sims: Here is a quick tip! Some of that stuff is still Good and still works! Take a look on EBay for about 10 cents to 50 cents on the dollar plus, I have bought stuff at the half price book store.

Carlos Carr: If you live in the Memphis area, join Memphis Investors Group. The dues are very reasonable, and we have people who will be happy to teach you anything you want to know about real estate…
Home – Memphis Investors Group

Reagan Sims: If you are in Houston… The Place to be Tonite! Trillion Dollar Investment Mixer at Quest IRA! From Meetup Group Houston Multi-Family (Apartments) & Houses /Investor Mentor

Gabriel Simpson: any groups in the knoxville area

Reagan Sims: Yes!

Gabriel Simpson: where

Nayeli Snyder: I think it depends on the individual, because some people do better with physical products. So the answer to the question is yes. I have seen some courses that offer both. But to be honest I am learning that no matter the course or method it is delivered it all depends on the individual investor if he/she are going to be successful in real estate or not. The main thing is are you following the course and are they determined to succeed in it.

Arthur James: I would assume that if the delivery method is that outdated, the content is too. My laptop doesnt even have a CD drive.

Rowan Robertson: Excellent psychological point. Thanks

Mariah Greene: For a mere $999.99 a month…

Leila Elliott: I do t think

Travis Owens: I shop ebay for real estate courses.

Rowan Robertson: Which ones have you found?

Beckett Mcgee: People do that?

Kathryn Bowers::


Kathryn Bowers: Everything u ever wanted to know is out there, easily accessible, for free. Forums like BP, FB groups etc. all offer great, custom advice. Books are cheap second hand. Dont bother with courses-get to kmow your target market inside and out instead so you know a deal when u see it.find a great banker and a private lender and youre off to the races.

Kendall Morgan: Its possible