probaly a silly question my hubby is a 1st time driver and appartenly …

probaly a silly question my hubby is a 1st time driver and appartenly he burned the clutch in his 05 clio i wasnt there when it happened cost 350 euro to be replaced i went with him to pick it up and we barely made it 10 mins down the road and car just stopped machanic says its the same thing again is that possible he was doing everythying hes supposed to do

Christene Deason: Not likely would take a little while to burn it up again. Not 10 min. I burnt one up but it was already going bad.

Josh Denham: No. He could have been riding the clutch for the entire ten minutes and not burned it. My truck has survived three student drivers on the same clutch. He did something wrong and needs to fix it

Charmaine Doab: Mechanic is saying he started the car on 3rd gear

Christene Deason: Dont think thats possible. I would think it wouldnt start just want to. It will only start in park or neutral. It would stall I would think.

Aaron Alfred Maplanka: I wouldnt rule out the possibilities of the clutch not havn been fitted properly. Is it the same mech who did 1st installation ?

Charmaine Doab: Yes ds

Charmaine Doab: Yes we had only picked it up

Josh Marxen: A bad surface on the flywheel will eat up even a new clutch, and by the book they are supposed to be turned or milled every time a new clutch is put in, but a lot of times the mechanic will visually inspect it and make a judgement call. If it is pulled and turned (just like a brake rotor) it can easily double the cost. It could have also been a faulty pressure plate which is impossible to determine by the mechanic. I honestly dont think he was trying to rip you off, in fact I think he tried to save you some money on the repair and it didnt work out