Please, dont judge. Im a beginner😂 and when I say beginner, I mean …

Please, dont judge. Im a beginner😂 and when I say beginner, I mean Im in a high school auto class and only know how to change oil, rotate tires and know that blinker fluid is a hoax. But the point is, I love what I can do so far. Anyways, I just bought my first car a mitsubishi, Lancer, hatchback, 2006. I noticed that it had a wobble when I reach 100. Its more prominent when I turn left and I have a slight pull to the left to. I weighted my tires. There all good, but I still have a wobble. Im thinking its a left bearing or break rub. But the sales guy says the breaks where just done. Please, it may be a dumb question. But I would to learn more and how to diagnose a car. So questions and suggestions would be awesome. Thank you!!!!!

Kenn Lukes: Dont go 100……

Elora Middleton: 100km😂, sorry

Audrius Griškevičius: Here is a cool diagnostic write up: 0Hope it will help you and give info you didnt know :))

Diagnosing rack and pinion steering problems – Troubleshooting vibrations,…

Elora Middleton: Thank you, much appreciated

Jessica Clark: Tie rod?

Elora Middleton: Ill check it out. Thanks

Mandi Ess: Could be steering rack, tie rod, tail shaft, could need an alignment ect ect, hard to know without feeling it lol

Mandi Ess: This group is mostly US Im guessing haha

Elora Middleton: Im Canadian eh

Mandi Ess: Im Australian haha, it gets a little confusing at times with vehicle names & miles/kilometres ect 😂

Kevin Slagle: You know what a dumb question is? The one you didnt ask and wish you had.

Elora Middleton: Exactly why Im asking😂

Joshua Paul: It may smooth out at 120.. lol seriously though Google can help a lot. Check all your joints bushings tie rods and stuff. Prop front end up and try to see if you can wiggle anything. Thats where Id start.

Ben Otto: Have you checked the tire for balance? The weights can come off at any time and is the usual cause of vibration in the wheels

Josh Marxen: On a related note, tires have speed ratings and its possible that they are simply not able to handle 100mph. If youve ever seen a still shot from a dyno the rubber actually looks like an octogon a g- force pulls it outward.

Elora Middleton: Thats cool, I was only going 100km but still cool. Thx😊

Kevin Slagle: She meant kilometers , so whatever that is 60ish I guess

Josh Marxen: Sorry assumed race car when I seen 100. Not that I ever tested top speed when building cars back in my school days 😉

Elora Middleton: I do wanna see how fast I can go in er. But I think I should wait till I get my full licence. 😂 I dont think my mom would like to be in the passenger seat😂

Tiffanie Sanders: Pretty positive its a tie rod had the same issue with one of my cars.