Our group got together tonight at The Source for our monthly gathering…

Our group got together tonight at The Source for our monthly gathering. They are my all time favorite place for cheese curds, and my friends I shared them with will now agree. I had the petite filet (perfectly cooked) with roasted fingerling potatoes and roasted beans and asparagus. Everything was excellent, and the rest of the group seemed very pleased with their orders as well. Service was good, and for the 9 of us, she kept up pretty well 🙂 sorry no pictures, I was concentrating on my meal 🙂

Josiah Schultz: Sounds delicious! Any pictures?

Gracelynn Cobb: Sorry, I was almost finished with my meal before I realized I forgot to take a photo!

Josiah Schultz: Sorry! Just re-read! Stupid question. My bad!!! Still sounds amazing!!

Gracelynn Cobb: No problem, I figured you were too busy imagining 😉 But honestly the steak was perfectly pink with a wonderful garlicky crust, the potatoes were roasted and seasoned, and the green beans and asparagus were steamed to a perfect crisp, then briefly gri…See more

Josiah Schultz: I was hoping the steak would be more medium well.

Gracelynn Cobb: Josiah Schultz: you can certainly ask for it that way. I asked for medium and it was a lovely warm pink, just how I like it.

Josiah Schultz: I just prefer steaks to be cooked perfectly.

Gracelynn Cobb: well, my definition of a perfect steak is medium-rare to medium. If your definition of a perfect steak is well done or medium well, thats your personal preference and you can certainly ask them to cook it that way 🙂

Josiah Schultz: Sounds great.

Brynlee Hudson: Where is the Source?

Gracelynn Cobb: 890 Lake Park Rd, Menasha

Kensley Richards: Not impressed with the cheese curds. Jalapeno jam was very sweet

Gracelynn Cobb: Everyone has their personal preference 🙂 these just happen to be my favorite 🙂

Gracelynn Cobb: Kensley Richards: where is your favorite place for curds? Im always open to trying new ones 🙂

Kensley Richards: I love the fair curds at Milwaukee burger company. I live behind the source and really want to love their food and service. Dairyland Brew pub is also impressive.

Gracelynn Cobb: I am not a fan of the curds at Milwaukee Burger. Ill have to try Dairyland BrewPub, havent been there yet!

Alani Yates: Milwaukee burger curds are gross also not a fan. Where is dairyland brew?

Gracelynn Cobb: Alani Yates: I did a quick search on facebook – heres their address. 1216 East Wisconsin Ave, Appleton