Ok now I have a question that has me stuck. We bought my 2004 ford exp…

Ok now I have a question that has me stuck. We bought my 2004 ford explorer the AC blew but it was winter. So really didnt try for long enough. Well now its hotter than 2 whores in church, it blows nothing but hot. Went to auto zone bought AC pro and guy filled it, he said it didnt take to much of it and it was odd. So left waiting for it to get cold. It never did. So we have another parts truck AC worked in it we drove it to fla. So we changed compressors. Still not cold what else could it be? Heat works great sometime too good. Blows good and at all speed levels. We are stumped and are 100 miles from anyone who knows how or anything about it. Thats what I get for living in bfe! Any advice is better than none. No wise cracks as my cars aint left me on side of road! Helpful info only. I know alot about cars as to why I changed compressors! It didnt work! Also did a UV test on leaks.

Daniel Cato: If it didnt take too much of it it sounds like a big leak thats letting it out as fast as you get it in. Find the leak, solve the problem

Ronald Johnson Sr: Really ? I thought if you had a leak it would never fill up. If it DOESNT take much it sounds like you have restriction somewhere, or change over door not shifting,

Christene Deason: Already did a UV test should add that.

Bruce Martin: While the engine is idling, put aircon on , measure voltage supplies too the compressor, should be around 12 volts, does the compressor ingage, do you hear a click at the AC compressor when turned on? Many times there may be a relay , faulty wire or fuse that prevents the power supply too the compressor, if there is a leak it may take as long as 3 months to leak out, depending on point of leak, start at power to the compressor, good positive and earth supply.

Christene Deason: Already did that, as to why I changed compressor to one I know worked. Still nothing. It has never been cold at all. With winter it was truly hard to tell. The condenser if full anymore can destroy something. Thanks

Bruce Martin: With the AC on and the compressor running, do you feel a temperature difference on the AC pipes at the expansion valve. One pipe should be hot and the other ice cold.