Newbie question… If I understand correctly, the plane in PA is said …

Newbie question… If I understand correctly, the plane in PA is said to have plunged into the ground. Have there been calls to excavate the plane? Am I missing something?

Paxton Malone: No because the plane didnt really exist, look at the wreckage left by the planes that have crashed in the last several months, does Shanksville Pa in any way resemble these real crashes, where is the wreckage at the Pentagon??? News cameras were at the scene shortly after what ever happened at the Pentagon happened, no plane, no wreckage. Bogus story line.

Kara Clarke: I get that, but bringing in cameras and digging equipment would show the world what is down there. Very likely nothing.

Weston Bush: @Frank. I think SOME plane existed, exactly what it was and who was on it is a mystery. The Lets Roll patriotic propaganda has been proven false because cell phones didnt work at any altitude over 3,000 feet. They didnt find any plane wreckage in the crater in Shanksville, but they did find at least one Jet engine 6 miles away and over a small mountain from the Shanksville Crash site. When confronted with this evidence the official reply was It bounced. *snicker*

Weston Bush: I personally believe that WTC 7 was a dud. The initial explosion that annihilated the lobby and 6 floors above it was probably part of the planned implosion that somehow failed. I think that if it hadnt been shot down by the Happy Hooligans fighter jet, that it would have crashed into WTC 7 to hide the No plane hit this building problem. However, I also believe that its primary target was the US Congress. Decapitation move.

Theodore Newton: this video covers the Pa plane wrreckage , with video footage that cannot be debunked

Kara Clarke: Thanks for the link, Theodore Newton:. That was vèry informative and succinct.

Zachary Bryant: Why was the airplane engine that landed on Murray street, in the wake of the NYC part of the attacks, dumped into a landfill and not scoured for clues or retained as evidence?Why did Pentagon employees form a line on the Pentagon lawn on 911 and diligently remove evidence of the crime following the attack?Inquires beget evidence, and evidence can threaten a whitewash and runs the risk of implicating guilty parties. Can you imagine how Americans would respond if they discovered 911 was committed by a nation posing as a friend (Israel, for example) with the help of an international criminal network (Zionists for example) with members of that network holding positions in the highest levels of the US government, the US (and international) media and the US military? And how Americans would respond if, on closer examination, the US citizens who belonged to this international criminal network (ZIONISTS, for example) deliberately aided the state power attacking the USA (and that attack created the pretext for a Muslim genocide ) due to a greater loyalty to the state behind the attacks on America and/or because of personal gain or enrichment.I believe powerful interests will continue to stand in the way of any through or respectable inquiry or examination of the evidence around 911 because the truth will expose a criminal Network American traitors, a duplicitous state that used sympathy for the WWII holocaust of Jewish people to create the perfect pretext for a new genocide with the US militarys logistical and financial support.