Neenah menasha bars that have good wings?

Neenah menasha bars that have good wings?

Amaya Bell: ICU

Peter Gordon: Michaels

Julia Owen: ICU

Laila Moore: Parker Johns. Its a restaurant, but they have a big bar. Tied for the best wings Ive had in the Fox Cities!

Henry Daniel: Parker johns smoked wings are great

Esmeralda Perry: Hands down…Parker Johns!!!!!!!

Luke Rivera: Get boneless if you go to Parker Johns!! (This was from Monday night)

Kinley Schultz: boneless wings are nuggets.

Luke Rivera: Patrick I will take nuggets over feathers!

Freya Oliver: Yikes! A little quality control issue in the kitchen.

Sean Salazar: We have addressed this issue with our distributor and our staff I can assure you we are on top of it. I find it very interesting that the person that posted this who we have apologized to and tried to make it right and who works just down the street fr…See more

Luke Rivera: I work down the street, thats interesting… And I keep putting negative shots.. Where?? Also, your employees share your dislike for me, which speaks volumes of you as a manager.Oh and yes… You addressed it and then deleted everything. Ever since…See more

Mark Pope: Sincere question: are people really bothered by an occasional feather popping up? If I found one, Id bring it to my waitress attention, expect that portion of my meal comped and replaced and move on. Its not like finding a used band-aid or a cockr…See more

Diana Cummings: I like Parker Johns smoked wings as well..also I believe Baypoint bar and grill in Neenah does a smoked wing special on Wednesday night!

Kayla Henry: ICU!!

Laila Vasquez: ICU

Cadence Townsend: Sidetracked bar and grill in neenah

Valeria Hudson: The bee hive

Leslie Warner: Woodshed , Parker Johns , 5 oclock Somewhere, Willie Beamons,

Valeria Hudson: Or mikees

Ryan Osborne: Went to Red Robin happy hour a few weeks ago and husband said wings were excellent. I do not eat them. He also likes Glass Nickel wings.

Brooke Craig: Paynes point

Helen Mason: City Limits

Colin Young: Parker Johns all you can eat for 9.99 on wednesday, downtown Menasha.

Kinsley Garcia: We like Parker Johns

Adalynn Gibbs: All you can eat on Wednesdays.

Jaxon Gross: City limits

Kira Daniel: The old grog. Great wings. Great price.

Mason Harrington: Definitely ICU in Neenah

Leah Edwards: Is 5 O Clock Somewhere a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville take off or are they looking to get SUED …Disney did it to Grumpys in Appleton back in the day .

Knox Vasquez: I went to 5 o clock yesterday and was pissed we ordered 32 wings to bring home we only got 20 and then was told we had an option of getting more. Of course I do I paid for them. And then made us wait 30 mins to get the rest and I had to drive back to get them. Then the other food got cold cuz we wanted to eat together

Hunter Alexander: The title Margaritaville has been used all over the country with no lawsuits……Grumpy was a Disney character and they sued all over the country for using various names until followers warned them to knock it off or they would be boycotted

Xander Herrera: ICU and Sidetracked

Virginia Clarke: the grog