Maybe its a dumb question… but can I export a 1920×1080 project to 2…

Maybe its a dumb question… but can I export a 1920×1080 project to 2K ? Do I need to emigrate to MC 8.3, right?

Richard Sanchez: You could probably open your bins from a 1920×1080 project in a 2k project, but since your media would be at 1920×1080, youd still need to conform it all.

KC Allen: At 1920 youre close to 2K already. Exporting a little bigger may soften your image a little but as youre adding data that isnt already there. You need to decide whether you want a slightly fuzzy 2K or a crisp 1920 image.

Rosa Elena Amat: KC AllenRichard Sanchez Actually most of my clips are more than 2K except one that it is HD. The director is asking for 2K… can I export 2k from MC 8.0 or do I have to emigrate to 8.3?

Richard Sanchez: But you were editing them in a 1920 project, correct? Unless you were working from AMA linked media via FrameFlex the whole time, you were probably working with 1920×1080 offline media. (DNxHD 36 probably?)

Rosa Elena Amat: Yes, Im working from AMA linked media via FrameFlex, except the clip HD, that was imported

Richard Sanchez: In that case, its worth a try. Typically Id work at 1080p and itd be conformed at 2k on a finishing system. I think if it were me, Id open the bin from an 8.3 project. You might need to adjust the framing in flameflex and refresh the sequence. Also backup the bin first.

KC Allen: I dont do much work outside of 1920×1080, so I havent had to do much online exporting, but I think you can set up an EDL and export to 2K based on the source, cant ya? Ive never used AVID so Im a little out of my depths on its capabilities. Youll still have one clip thats fuzzy … but again, youre not talking about that big of a size jump. It is really worth it to go 2K?

Craig Parkes: If the director is asking for 2K then my question would always be: what is the deliverable. The difference between 16:9 1080 pand 1.85:1 2K DCP is 39 pixels to left and right of the screen. 1920 vs 1998 wide both are 1080 high.If you are going to 2K DCP its technically fine to have those 39 pixels left and right as black padding – no resolution change and you keep your 16:9 picture information.If you want to blow up and crop to 1.85:1 you increase the size to 104.625%, which effectively crops off the top 24 pixels from the original image and the bottom 24 pixels from the original image.If you are outputting out of Avid directly rather than conforming in another program – its pretty nuts to totally reconform the picture for a 4.0625% size increase.If the thing is being conformed elsewhere then theyll likely have to redo all the Frane Flex repos anyway, so while a bit of a pain in the ass workflow the difference between the 1920 vs 1998 width timeline (assuming a target Aspect Ratio of 1.85:1) can be sorted out in the conform and grade.

Brien Longobardi: Yes but why and the first question every editor needs to know before u start a project is what is going to be your main distribution, movie screen, TV, Internet. Next question was what was the original camera raw files shot at if they were shot at HD then your not going to get any better picture quality! In da t you will lose picture quality because you uprezed… Hope this helps

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