Looking for recommendations for a good calmer. What do you all use? Lo…

Looking for recommendations for a good calmer. What do you all use? Looking for one to give daily. Thanks

Christian Hardy: Mag e

Maeve Webster: Magnesium, a teeny tiny sprinkle in the morning mix

Lorelai Mccoy: Magnesium … make sure is in correct form

Maeve Webster: Too much magnesium sulphate can cause diarrhea.

Kayleigh Howell: Can I ask why not oxide

Lorelai Mccoy: Absolutely.. can also alter digestive track … is why you consult vet to make sure is fit for your farm feed routine .. each horse is different

Lorelai Mccoy: Kayleigh Howell: there are different forms .. one is a sulfate other is oxide ( one is injestest and the other is used in bathing form )

Maeve Webster: Weve been feeding magnesium oxide in fine powdered form for years without issues

Lorelai Mccoy: Maeve Webster: I may have the forms mixed up … one is good to injest the other no

Maeve Webster: Magnesium sulphate is more commonly known as Epsom Salts & while it can be fed – little & not regularly – it is much better as a poultice ingredient

Lorelai Mccoy: Hygain.com.au

Hope Powell: Trapper Troyer. Is a DAC rep. Great supplements. Also have you tried scratching with your bare hands a place on the withers hip or chest and making their lips move. Thats what I do and it seems to build a bond and trust with the horse

Selah George: Shen calmer