Looking for a LipSense consultant💗💕💖💞

Looking for a LipSense consultant💗💕💖💞

Julie Fowler: Vivienne Cummings:!

Vivienne Cummings: Thanks Jessie!

Eve Stone: Irresistible Lips By Yenzin 👄

Kara Goodman: Thank you Joanna!!!

Kelsey Alvarez: Paige Park:

Paige Park: PM sent

Carmen Briggs: I am!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️👋🏻

Vivienne Cummings: I am, on kadena with lots of stock!

Skylar Greene: Interested

Isla Russell: How are yall getting stuff shipped? Mine says it wont ship to APO

Vivienne Cummings: Leslie my mom ships all my product.

Zuri Robertson: They ship it to someone in the states first and the. They ship it here

Carmen Briggs: Same.

Isla Russell: Damnit I just went inactive too!!

Carmen Briggs: You could become active again!! If its Senegence, theres offering $55 Senebucks when you sign on in May (technically its still May stateside)

Xavier Mathis: Vivienne Cummings:

Vivienne Cummings: Thanks Xavier Mathis:

Dominic Walton: Kara Goodman:

Martin Ramirez: Yes! Yenzin!

Luna Beck: Hannah Joy Parr Rhoads On Kadena

Rhett Henry: Dallas White:

Dallas White: Thanks Rhett Henry:!

Martin Ramirez: Kara Goodman:

Martin Ramirez: Hi Pamela! I highly recommend Yenzin. Let me know if you have any questions. Smoky says hi! 👋🏼 🐶

Kara Goodman: Thank you SO much Chica!!

Alejandra Ramos: Following!!!