Keith Hi Guys and Gals I have been asked by several people in the grou…

Keith Hi Guys and Gals I have been asked by several people in the group to post some to the many post I do here, to add value to the new investor as well as the seasoned one with new things we use in our business. Hope the post help and that you respond back if you like or have a question. Here we go with the first round… Hi All Class for the day.. Man if your not advertising your dying. It is really the simple. Several years back I paid for the below pic to done to my suv. It cost me $275 which has turned out to be the best money I ever spent since starting real estate. These bright letters on my very loud SUV have made me some real money. 1. Stopped in bakersfield about a MH. Made 33k over five years 2. Stopped: made 11k on wholesale 3. Stopped: Made ? on connecting someone to a house. 4. Someone came to my door ask about houses.$0 5. Someone across the street ask us to help them sell their home. 10-30k 6. Today someone came to my door and ask me to sell their home and they were referred by one of our tenant buyers. 10k fee It is a piece of material. Paint it, wrap it or put a flag on it but advertise it. Tell them who you are and what you do..

Willow Brown: Nice!!

Justin Butler: Can you buy property in Dubai and thailand ?

Collin Blake: I dont know a thing about the county or there markets..So no..

Justin Butler: can u send me your whatsapp number let me send you details my boss

Maximiliano Norton: But ur site is no more?

Collin Blake: Very true. Look at the pic date. We are now several companies. The main is and Having truck redone but I took that bottom line off a few years ago.
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Collin Blake: Roberta is my partner before you ask..

Holden Ortiz: Do you guys buy a property 65-75cent out of dollars? It looks like you guys copy We Buy Ugly Houses. Hmmmm

Collin Blake: Hi Billy We buy at that or way less. I will be posting closed deals and education here every week going forward. Some deal are just crazy low and some are base hits.

Cody Harris: If you have addresses that you are trying to locate the owners and or heirs we will skip trace for you and find the phone numbers, emails or new addresses for you. Prices are low and quick turnaround 81243027. Price ranges in volume, 1-10 $2.00 11-25 $1.75 26-50 $1.50 51-100 $1.25 101-200 $.75 anything over 200 is .50

Collin Blake: ThanksI have a great service for .99 each lead and they mail a photoed postcard for .99 cents as well.