I want to ask about slight modifications. – Is changing rim and tire s…

I want to ask about slight modifications. – Is changing rim and tire size on a car also needs highering suspensions? Cos i have a honda crv sports 2001 it has a 15 rim and tire and i want to replace a 16 or 17 set. Would that change the driveline of the car?

Josh Marxen: Going from a 15 to even a 16, 17 or 18 wont require any modification because you can choose a tire diameter that is equal to the current tire diameter, the only thing that will change is the sidewall height. If your current tires are 29 tall the 15 rim is simply 15 tall the other 14 are sidewall (7 of rubber up top, 7 on the bottom.) A 17 rim ordered with the right size tire will give you 12 of sidewall so the total will still be 29 tall.

Gavin Herl Atiteo Pambid: How about the tire and rim width?

Gavin Herl Atiteo Pambid: What to look then when im planning to make the tires bigger a bit then.

Josh Marxen: Its depends on how much bigger really. Most cars can fit one size bigger, 16 or 17 rims may have even been an option from the factory and a junkyard find if your just looking to get a rim that uses a more common tire size today. If your looking to c…See more

Gavin Herl Atiteo Pambid: Im browsing for tires for my car because tread is soon to be illegal and i need get 3 tires asap. But i was like what if ill change the whole set so ill have new rims and i looked up for mag set but i dont know the right size range for my car. Owners manual only required 1 size for the car so should i just follow the manual or i can wider up my options instead meaning ill look for some bigger sizes like 16 or 17

Josh Denham: Proper rolling ratio is whats important

Gavin Herl Atiteo Pambid: How is that? Can you explain? 😂

Josh Marxen: If you replace a 29 with say a 36 tire (think lifted mud truck) its going to change your speedometer reading because a 29 tire will go completely around in a distance of say 3 while a 36 tire will take 4 or 5 to make a compete rotation. if you g…See more

Gavin Herl Atiteo Pambid: Okay then . Thank u chief. Appreciate your help a lot! Glad that im hearing things like those from you. Experience really do teach us lessons sometimes not to do it again ha ha.

Josh Marxen: There is a lot of math involved in rim and tire fitment, and mine were a simple set of trailer rims and tires. With a possible $2000 fine for a cracked rim it seemed to make sense to just order a replacement set already mounted and ready to go. But the…See more