I have a question. When it comes to race cars is it a must that they u…

I have a question. When it comes to race cars is it a must that they use racing oil only or can they simply use full synthetic oil regardless of the brand?

Josh Marxen: Oil brands have followers just like Ford Chevy Dodge. One guy will only use Havoline because thats what his Dad and Grandfather used while my old man will tell you they all come out of the same hole in the ground. Lol. Most race cars cant use synthetic because just like new cars the motor has to break in. The parts of a new or rebuilt motor actually have to wear into each other for the first several thousand miles and full synthetic is so slick that it wont let them. If synthetic is used the piston rings and bearings will not seal correctly and vehicle will actually use oil like a worn out one.

Hedley Brock: Sticky depends on the engine and application. Chances are is full synthetic what ever it is

Dale Sullivan: Here in Alaska a synthetic oil wont let your warm up.

Ryan Chase Josemaria Pruitt: Since all of you say that would a synthetic blend oil be a good idea to use first before graduating to full synthetic?

Josh Marxen: As long as motor already has some miles you can go to full whenever you want. I usually use the blend for cost reasons. Just avoid the store brand unless your running an old clunker because a lot of them are part recycled oil

Ryan Chase Josemaria Pruitt: Good thinking Josh Marxen one thing i like about Royal Purple is that it has a plan to change it every 12,000 miles

Josh Marxen: As long as you live and drive in clean conditions. I live in rural Iowa so gravel roads are daily. What a lot of guys do is still change the filter and add a quart every 3-4000 miles

Ryan Chase Josemaria Pruitt: Yeah one of my church buddies told me he does something similar to that

Hedley Brock: Fyi, most modern cars dont need to be broken in and use 100% synthetic. Check your manual people! Heh

Josh Marxen: I thought about that but my luck is someone would see it not read the manual and yell at me like it was my fault lol

Hedley Brock: Josh Marxen Good call.;)