I have a question I have a 1996 Chevy S 10 and my clutch petal is just…

I have a question I have a 1996 Chevy S 10 and my clutch petal is just dangling I heard a pop yesterday. It was acting fine before that. Any help would be appreciated.

Ben Otto: Broke the flex plate. It will need to be replaced.

Steven Robinson: Ok thanks is it hard to replace.

Ben Otto: Youll have to remove the transmission. Youll be doing the clutch assembly and refacing the flywheel.

Ben Otto: Depending on the pop, theres a small chance you blew a hydraulic line, but I doubt you would hear that. There would also be transmission fluid all over the place

Steven Robinson: It isnt leaking no fluid.

Ben Otto: Yeah sounds like its the flex plate then. Itll need to all be replaced. Im pretty sure that will be an NV1500 transmission. Those are extremely common and parts couldnt possibly be more affordable, as far as manual transmissions go. You should be able to get it all done for under $1000 at a good shop. If a buddy or shady tree mechanic does it, $200 for parts, $50 to turn the flywheel, $400ish for labor, maybe a bit more. Labor, of course, being where you can save money. Just ballpark figures

Steven Robinson: Ill do it, I was just hoping its wasnt all tht I have done this job on an older model

Ben Otto: Oh ok perfect. Good luck with it man!

Steven Robinson: Thank bro.

Bill Thompson: Could it be the release bearing? Either way youll need a clutch kit. The flywheel may be fine