I have a childish question…, but I want a serious answer: how I can …

I have a childish question…, but I want a serious answer: how I can be happy in heaven if my friend or my family is in hell…

Mamatini Girard: I wouldn’t think that’s a childish question. I’ve pindered the same and then surrendered my concern to the bountiful live and mercy of God

Mamatini Girard: *love

Lyn Davies: Following

Georgia Iliadoy: We r children of God, we beloge to Him. In heaven r our real family.

Ana Sofia de Maria: We wont have the same mind. We will have a different view of everything. It wont be sad anymore. It will make sense then. I dont know how but it will.

Fekla Ivanoff: True

John-abouna DAlton: You pray lots now so they may not be!

Ana Sofia de Maria: Thank you. His Mercy is our blessed hope. ☦️

Gregory Tashjian: In Heaven, we will be so filled with Love, we won‘t dwell on such issues. Also, after witnessing God‘s justice at the Last Judgement, we will know that all those in Hell freely chose to be there. CS Lewis‘ “The Great Divorce” explains this very well.

Max Holtz: Here is a beautiful answer from Orthodox Doctor Brad Jersak:Also check in hopeful inclusivism from Dr Hans Urs von Balthasar! Youtube.com

The Problem of Hell – Brad Jersak

Felicity Backman: When we are out of this life and in the very presence of the Lord, can you imagine being utterly unaware of anything but HIM? His glory will overwhelm us. There will be no tears. No sorrow. His word promises this. So we can take it on faith that we will be in a state of joy which we cant even imagine, here. Of course, Father is correct: we pray for them. Thats how you express your love now. We have no guarantees that anyone is in hell. So we pray. Ask your priest for details on that.

Sebastokrator Andrew Kollias: As our Father, Son, and Holy Ghost can both pity the impenitent heart and rejoice in the penitent, so too you will find your soul is large enough that the one does not preclude the other.

Anastasios Tsatsakis: How can you be happy if ones friends are in heaven and one is in hell? I would say that Heaven has absolutely zero sadness, and the energy, His grace, and His Glory will make you feel love from every angle, love that youve never felt before and could never imagine. But even the best of us is like dirty rags in heaven, so dont assume youll be in Heaven. Make sure you over achieve and make it clearly. There is nothing you can do about those who chose to be in hell, so youll get over it really quick, and youll discover that others are in Heaven waiting to greet you. IF God wants me to be in Hell, then thats where I should be. Its Gods will that we must accept. all I can do is pray for mercy.

Panagiota Panagopoulos Shaw: You wont remember them.

Alice Bennett: Pray for them that they may turn from sin and believe in God.