Hi, guys, I am back with a Dumb question: How can I find out monthly t…

Hi, guys, I am back with a Dumb question: How can I find out monthly traffic of a website? Not my website but competitors websites. Thank you!

Parker Sharp: Like using SimilarWeb?

Related Post Stokes: yep but I am looking for an estimated monthly traffic to a website.

Parker Sharp: Related Post Stokes: Similarweb show that.

Related Post Stokes: Parker Sharp: alright let me check again. Thank you so much!

Addyson Mendez: It will never be 100% accurate but you can use Semrush, ahrefs or Similarweb

Related Post Stokes: I have account in ahrefs. I am only getting this:

Related Post Stokes: I am specifically looking for an estimated monthly traffic to a website.

Ruth Gregory: Related Post Stokes: doesnt that tell you that the estimated monthly organic traffic to the site you are showing is 3.5k/mo?

Related Post Stokes: Ruth Gregory: Gotcha – Thank you! I didnt see with eyes! 😀

Jayda Manning: Seranking.com might help

Competitor research tool to check competitor website traffic | SE Ranking

Parker Brown: There is NO way to find out what traffic is for someone elses Website. Search visibility reports are wildly inaccurate.

Barrett Sandoval: Seriously. No public data is ever consistent or accurate. Not from ANY tool provider. Remember that even tools with tracking code on your own site is inaccurate to some degree. No tracking code can detect 100% accurate traffic or behavior. Bots cannot be consistently detected. Not all visitors use obvious, validatable identifiers. Tracking Tools reliant on JavaScript completely miss visits from no-script crawlers. And if you think your server log files will provide you 100% accurate information, you would also be mistaken.So sure. Check SEMRush, SERPStat, or any similar tool for traffic of other sites if you want. Just understand that it can be complete junk data regarding actual traffic. Where they are somewhat slightly better is general keyword insight. I suggest focusing very little on traffic or ranking position data of competitors because of all of the above.

Reese Torres: This brings up a question Ive wondered for ages (but not enough to actually bother to go out and find an answer). Why dont we use server logs and log analyzer software anymore? Back in the old days, wed download the logs that the server makes and ge…See more

Parker Brown: Reese Torres: I use them all the time. A lot of Web hosting accounts install log file analyzers for free, sometimes more than one. I prefer to use AW Stats to HTTP-Analyze. But the data is very different from what you see in Google Analytics (which is very unreliable at best). The reporting styles are also different.

Related Post Stokes: Thank you so much for sharing!

Tatum Aguilar: There is no such tool that can shos you the exact data buy still u can use the similerweb chrome extension for avg monthly traddic of any website

Related Post Stokes: Thank you Guru Jee!

Ariyah Silva: Call them and offer a free Analytics audit.

Ariyah Silva: You might laugh but it works.

Luis Watkins: Estimated traffic tool data often 400% to 800% inaccurate, or worse. The data can be 30 days behind. Data collection methods can change without any attempt at normalization. When taken down to the long-tail keyword, or unpopular page level, it is very nearly a joke. Best you can hope for is some idea of trends for comparison. Still something can be better than nothing, as long as you are not betting on big changes.

Anne Moore: Try semrush or spyfu

Kiara Page: I like to use Similarweb

Kiara Page::

Ariyah Silva: I like to just guess, it’s at least as accurate as the tools.

Luis Watkins: Dart board?!

Related Post Stokes: Ariyah Silva: hahahaaaa you made my day 😂