Hi, A blackhat question. Do you think that it is a good idea to use sp…

Hi, A blackhat question. Do you think that it is a good idea to use spun content on your web-site? If yes, which one would you recommend? What do you think about the Article Scraper Scrapebox plugin? Will it do the job? How does Google know if the content is spun at all?

Ada Dixon: No.

Genesis Harvey: Ok, but how do I know if the copywriter is sending me content that is not spun? And I am paying for it?

Jayla Parker: Use copyscape to check the % of plagi

Genesis Harvey: but I can spin an article and read it carefully and then fix some erros and then with copyscape everything is OK – Is that still spun content?

Jayla Parker: 🙂 then semantics comes to play.. you wont be penalized for dup content but other factors will determine your ranking

Genesis Harvey: what factors?

Jayla Parker: Pm me

Jayla Parker: How much content you want to post ? If you can post thousands of articles every months. you may get some benefit .. not for targeted keywords but unexpected long tail keywords

Alex Henderson: benefits

Brian Tran: There is [nothing:everything] wrong with [spun:edited:spam] content. 🤣

Viviana Marshall: If you cant tell if it is spun content …. as a human

Anastasia Baker: Do people still spin content? I havent spun anything since 2009.

Jayla Parker: Lol you just see someone is asking the question 😉

Anastasia Baker: I mean, the amount of effort involved in creating spindex (or whatever its called) to generate a completely unique and readable article is almost the same as getting a writer to write for you.

Jayla Parker: I think they want to monetize content by placing ad units so they just try to do this stuff

Kinsley Gordon: Lol Rob had an awesome alg they wrote for it

Anastasia Baker: The real question is, why do you want/need to use spun content?

Viviana Marshall: £££

Anastasia Baker: Just go to answerthepublic.com put in your keyword, find and group questions into a topic, give it to a writer and have them do the rest.

AnswerThePublic.com: that free visual keyword research & content…

Genesis Harvey: The questions idea is why not use spun content instead of paying copywriters? Hence – save money…

Eloise Sutton: Because writing is not just words.

Thiago Gardner: Best advice is to invest in good quality writers

Catherine Anderson: If you work in any markets that are the same as me…. please carry on using spun content 🙂

Mariam Adkins: No, never. Its awful and wont actually work.

Thiago Gardner: Google has quality guidelines for a reason, its to improve the quality of its results. Quality costs time and money. Is spun content quality? If yes then do an experiment if you think it is adding real value for anybody. You need to see the results of your own experiments so you can see what works.

Sarai Sullivan: I am going to vomit

Thiago Gardner: To save you some time with the experiment, blackhat is a made up word and spun content is another word for spam… If it still makes sense for you to waste your time, then experiment away 🙂

Sarai Sullivan: Yeah. Experiment away. And if you do so on a site you yourself do not own, and if that site owner pays for that work, and if they suffer because of it, and if they come to someone like me afterward to clean up your toxic waste, just realize that your conscious decision to spam your way to rankings was based on blind greed, with no regard for the people your shortcut methods have harmed.

Thiago Gardner: Well said

Jayla Parker: LOL just a little bit of hint what this guy was looking for. ( P:S: while you all spend your time explaining him its not worth spinning content..,,he might not be even reading it anymore..he has a football news related website which he posts news and e…See more

Sarai Sullivan: Ashok I think it is good to leave it open at this point. Good for others to read all of the responses from people who know the problem with spun content.

Jayla Parker: Alan Sure if it helps .

Brian Tran: It may be well said, but this is the state of the industry. For every one of us explaining how to do things right, there are 10 offering shortcuts and sure fire ranking schemes. The problem then becomes how do we educated people and clients on the risks of doing it easy vs the cost of.doing it right, especially when we can all point to plenty of sites being successful with these tactics.

Kinsley Gordon: By letting them pay 500 lol

Lola Snyder: Brian Tran: oh, are we going along with the pretence that somehow a client doesnt know that shortcuts are shortcuts? Thinking theyll get away with it, isnt innocence. I think every child knows what the difference is between doing it properly a…See more

Brian Tran: Actually, I have met plenty of new SEOs and clients over the years that quite honestly have no clue that there are things you can do to cause problems for yourself down the road. And when they see successful sites doing those things they do question whether the rules are real or not. And if your only experience is people that do those things and say they are fine it can be hard to convince them otherwise.

Alex Henderson: Im a DJ, I spin content all the time, its groovy. Does it count? No, but seriously, stop wasting your time with black hat stuff, there is literally so much white hat stuff to be done that I cant sleep thinking about them all.

Thiago Gardner: If a client is paying for it then its not ethical

Adrianna Sherman: Google was granted a patent in 2013 that demoted rankings for sites engaging in publishing gibberish content (They identify that as spun content within the patent. I wrote about it here: Seobythesea.com

Google Scoring Gibberish Content to Demote Pages in Rankings?

Viviana Marshall: Worth noting that google were investing in tech to produce spun content…. auto written news and weather Techcrunch.com

Google is funding the creation of software that writes local news…

Alex Henderson: Viviana Marshall: Ai written content isnt spun content if it more than passes the touring test and, like it is often the case, based on the unique data and information not present anywhere else on the Web (ie. its a net addition of value). This is the core issue, its not about if the text is unique. Its about if it brings new information or value to the table. Users signals are a pretty good way to differentiate…

Viviana Marshall: Mmmmm Ive seen a lot of human spun content which is terrible and I saw a demo by fantomaster of good machine spun content… Im lucky I generally work on sites where spun contents not required or recommended… but it definitely can work, or at least can be profitable…

Adrianna Sherman: Can it be broken into ngrams, that can fit into a language model, which would be one way of determining site quality?

Adrianna Sherman: What is the check mark appearing next to my name? I just noticed that now.

Viviana Marshall: Adrianna Sherman: admin of the group?

Sarai Sullivan: Bill the checkmark is issued for people who are just awesome. Or maybe given moderator status. Or not. Xander Manning: would know.

Xander Manning: Youve been a moderator for a while, Adrianna Sherman:, so nothing has changed except that FB has recently introduced the badge. 🙂

Adrianna Sherman: I hadnt noticed those before – I can see them on my phone, but not on my desktop. 🙂

Xander Manning: I think they must be still rolling them out as they disappear frequently.

Adrianna Sherman: Yes, I now see them on my desktop.

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Brian Tran: I tend to use bacon ipsum on client sites these days.

Thiago Gardner: Thanks for the interesting history Joseph Gray: used Lorem Ipsum plenty of times but never knew it was from the 1500s 🙂

Jillian Reese: Ill give you the benefit in thinking this is a legitimate question and concern of yours. The answer is absolutely NO. Google works diligently to provide us guidelines for us to follow and work within to gain our clients a better position and give the user a better experience. Like most comments from everyone including Alan and Bill youd be doing the client a huge disservice and hurting the user in the process. Good content doesnt have to be in volume. Doing your homework, being creative, getting into the technical aspect of your clients business and learning what it takes to get your client to differentiate will help you build a solid strategy that will start to compound itself and be a benefit to everyone. Best of luck.

Omar Cross: >>How does Google know if the content is spun at all?Well, mostly nowadays its AI. Thats the short answer. Have you ever tried to read the spun content that youre thinking of posting on the site? Technically, there are ways for them to learn the writing style of the writer. To be honest with you Im sure they can tell between one writer and another–there are telltale signs if you read enough content.

Lola Snyder: Ive never really bought into the whole hat nonsense. Theres no technique or technology that is, by itself either good or bad, legit or not. Its all in how, when and why it is used. For example, Google pretty much scrape and spin to create their answer boxes, their knowledge panels, etc. Googles own ultimate rule is more about the value you add or create. The difference between copying and curation is in the selectiveness and the organisation. If you can scrape data from several sources and add value by combining or processing that data into a more useful form, Google dont mind it. If you dilligently write the 180th original article without adding anything new or special to the topic, then despite it being original, it has less value than scraped and processed data, and is treated accordingly.

Nylah Reid: Spinrewriter works if done right to produce good quality unique content endlessly

Lola Snyder: No, it doesnt, Im afraid. It may produce tolerable quality, and tolerable might be acceptable, but its a long way shy of good quality. Remember that Google have been shifting focus from strings to things. Spinning involves changing the strings…See more

Nylah Reid: Here is how you use spinrewriter properly – Vimeo.com

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