Hey guys, question about GMB. we are working on a photography site, an…

Hey guys, question about GMB. we are working on a photography site, and the photos often get shared to a large facebook page. Was wondering if we would be OK to make a post with something along the lines of do you like the photos you see? How about leaving me a review here or something like that.. and share that to the facebook page with the GMB review link. Is it OK to do that? or is it completely against Googles TOS? Thanks!

Zachary Daniel: no issue with google there, FB would also be OK with that, but be careful with FB side as they have strict policies around incentives for likes this does not apply to the above, just keep in mind

Gia Doyle: awesome thanks!

Jacob Larson: Tim Capper. 🙂

Chase Lloyd: A photography business, but asking for someone to leave a review because they liked a photo? Did they hire the photographer or purchase from them?

Gia Doyle: Just liking the pictures on a page.

Chase Lloyd: I would stop this activity. It would look too much like gaming the system, plus the reviews themselves might lead to incorrect assumptions by your potential buyers who read the reviews, not just see the stars.

Jacob Larson: Hi Gia Doyle:, your question was discussed by the Panel during Dumb SEO Questions HOA 233. Youtube.com recommendation links: Google.com

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