Hello friends. Question time. Ive got a 92 ranger rwd with no brake pr…

Hello friends. Question time. Ive got a 92 ranger rwd with no brake pressure due to bad hose and will not go into any gear. Will slide into all gears but no movement at all. Any idea if no brake pressure equals no gears

Josh Marxen: I dont think your 92 even had an auto gearshift lock connected to the brake light switch but even if it did it wouldnt affect moving. If you have a stick shift the clutch is hydraulic so its possible something damaged the brake line and either got a trans cooler line if auto or maybe the hydraulic line if a stick. if you have the 3.0 V6 and 5 speed these trans have a habit of quitting, The 4.0 wont work and a 3.0 used are impossible to find

Timothy K Schwab: It is a 3.0 auto. needs brakes bleed as there is no pressure due to hole in line. I can put it in all gears on the column but no engagement

Josh Marxen: Id check the trans fluid, put the rear end on stands and make sure the cable is moving the selector on the trans, nut the brakes wont be related, just a bad coincidence

Timothy K Schwab: Gotta check fluids but the selector works

Aaron Barnes: The selector on the column has nothing to do with the operation of the tranny, only the selection of travel.Is the tranny full of fluid?You could change the tranny filter. And while your there ohm out the sensors in the valve body for proper operation.