Hello community. I have a dumb questions thats fu**** my life for a wh…

Hello community. I have a dumb questions thats fu**** my life for a while 😡 I created my second website a month and a half now. The think is I cant see the research analytics and keywords Im ranking for and I know Im already in SERP 1 for many keywords.🤩 Webmaster of my first website works 🤨 I tried adding all domains, sub-domain and https domain to google 1 week ago but that didnt work either. Help me, I feel blind without the webmatster tool.

Phoenix Spencer: Do your server log files show that the site is receiving search referral traffic?

Vivian Bowman: It thing no but I verly pooorly understand your question.

Vivian Bowman: Talk to a Noob Michael

Phoenix Spencer: Vivian Bowman: Well, your Web hosting dashboard SHOULD have some sort of reporting function that tells you how many requests the Web server receives. Some Web hosting accounts have pre-installed, pre-configured analytics like AWStats or HTTP-Analyze. Th…See more

Georgia Henry: GSC has gone to pot, I am seeing site upto six months olds with incorrect data with GSC and not just by a small fraction, GSC is not worth even checking it for the first 6 months of a build. data is so wrong and incorrect. older sites seem to get better data. Maybe this is part of the sandbox affect on fresh sites.

Vivian Bowman: Oh I understand now. Thanks for that complete question. Is there an other tool that I can use and that hasnt to be connected to the webmaster tool