Hello all so my dumb seo question is: I have a .com Site with quite lo…

Hello all so my dumb seo question is: I have a .com Site with quite local seo in the past. Now the business is extending to more countries. Trying to do international seo revamp. Thinking of going for domain.com/en-sg/blogtitle Are there any reminder/concern for me before going all in?(Small team no resource, cant afford to do another domain.SG)

Riley Mccarthy: Main concerns being 1)duplicate content, 2)whether language should go first or country, 3)what about the old backlinks to old blogs. Redirect all past backlinks to new URL?

Hanna Brown: If you want the copy for each individual country to earn trust, youre best move is to have each copy translated into the native primary language for that country. If all you are doing is copying English content to each new country silo, its not going to be easy to maximize rankings for each silo, because theyre not in the primary language of those countries. Google will likely just rank the main content even in those countries. If you do translate for each, use hreflang tags cross-linking in accordance with hreflang tag usage best practices. You can have an English version for each country, however that version should not be the primary version.

Hanna Brown: If you want to do it properly and thoroughly, I suggest following Aleyda Soliss International SEO checklist. Moz.com

The International SEO Checklist

Riley Mccarthy: Thanks! I actually read that during my research. Great to know experts in the group recommend the same content.

Miles Hampton: Welcome back Hanna Brown: awesome response as always. Hope the bronchitis has been disvowed forever.

Hanna Brown: LOL thanks Jobin. Im not healed yet. Just have some energy from time to time lately as I get better!

Miles Hampton: Hanna Brown: This community and many more like me need you and your advice so we all are sending the force towards you to get your strength back. All my best wishes and hope you recover soon.

Riley Mccarthy: On the other note, what if I keep using the same locally ranked .com site in another country(same language target). Surely user experience will not be good as all contact information is not for that country, contents are all relevant though. Will that be a big no no? Wonder the whole revamp effort is worthy at this stage.

Riley Mccarthy: Thanks everyone for the help!

Hanna Brown: Contact information: If you only have English content, but the contact information is unique for each country, then have a single contact page that lists all the contact information for each country. And if its just a few countries, you can include the contact information for all countries in the site footer. Theres no valid reason to create entirely duplicate content over and over again, if the only thing that changes is the contact information.

Hanna Brown: Another factor: If you have inbound links to the existing site, why would you want to jeapordize their value? Instead, youd need to earn NEW links pointing to the NEW copies of the content in each country silo, for those to grow SEO value. Except again, if its all in English, theres no need to worry about it because theres no valid reason to have multiple copies spread across individual silo groups.

Riley Mccarthy: so if my content is mostly international in same language, and I have already many local links for local seo. Then when I expand to new countries, what I should do is just to add the new contact information. And create new local links of new countries …See more

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Hanna Brown: It depends on the purpose of the site. If it offers local services in each country, then I would not change the overall site, but instead I would create a new locations served type section, where there is a main page describing that the services are…See more

Riley Mccarthy: Very helpful, many thanks. Uber.com –> I guess that is the example, for our case we dont even have the country in the structure yet. So domain.com/blogtitle for blog in English, domain.com/zh/blogtitle for blog in another language, domain.com/cities/singapore for building local SEO, domain.com/zh/cities/singapore for local SEO in another language.

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