Happy Sunday Savvy Hair People!! Take this time & shout ur hairstylist…

Happy Sunday Savvy Hair People!! Take this time & shout ur hairstylist! Tell us who they are, where theyre from & their specialty. Come on people show ur stylist sum LOVE!!

Lucia Richardson: Shot out to thehair gurus I follow on YouTube! Altho they had me suffering from a protein overload putting raw egg in my hair! 😂😂😂😂 Hahahahahahahahha

Lucia Richardson: Shot out to my very talented sister who is ahair stylist of over 20 years Savvy Stilettos Chromemc

Delilah Jefferson: Ty sis. Its funny u go on YouTube when u have ME!! Half those folk dont know wut theyre talking about. 🤔

Lucia Richardson: Lol i was joking sister. I havent done that in about 7 years. Ruining my scalp was lesson enough lol

Delilah Jefferson: Alrighty then. Lol.

Lucia Richardson: They sure dont know, thats why i ended up messing up my head listening to them folks 😂😂

Lucia Richardson: Your the one who told me i had a protein overload lol

Delilah Jefferson: Im thinking about starting my own. Ive heard so much bad advice its killing me.

Lucia Richardson: You should and once you get a certain amount of followers YouTube will pay you

Delilah Jefferson: Stacy LaVette yeah. I know. Sounds great!!

Skyler Hamilton: Savvy Stilettos Chromemcbomb.com shorthair stylist 😘

Delilah Jefferson: Ty Skyler Hamilton:!!! 😊😊😊

Kaitlyn Payne: Savvy Stilettos Chromemc hair Doctor of course 😘😘😘

Delilah Jefferson: Ty Gurrrrl. ❤️❤️❤️