Flying Delta from Tokyo to the states with our cat in cabin. For someo…

Flying Delta from Tokyo to the states with our cat in cabin. For someone who has actually done this with he same airline can you tell me the dimensions for the soft kennel and how you set up litter, water, etc inside?? TIA

Katelyn Lawrence: I ~really~ stressed about the kennel size. I ended with a soft kennel on Amazon with a zip out side. I read through a lot of reviews anout it fitting airlines size requirements and it fit with a little squishing under the seat. We didnt fly Delta, but in my case no one asked or checked the size. Litter: Puppy pee pads. Food: sporadically fed him wet cat food. The vet suggested the wet since it would also give some hydration. I think I also have him water in a little cup

London Horton: Ok cool thanks. Thats really helpful information. We have a soft kennel and I think it will fit fine but I wasnt totally sure. The puppy pee pads make sense. I thought we had to have litter on there for her. And I never thought of the wet cat food! Such a good idea. Thank you again

London Horton: Litter on the pee pads or no?

Katelyn Lawrence: No, just the pads. Once he wet it, I changed it out.

Aubrie Barker: I flew here United with kitty in cabin. I had a waterproof pad in the carrier and an extra one in checked luggage so if she had went through it during the long flight I could get the clean one out when I grabbed my baggage at customs. I didnt give her food or water throughout the whole trip. She wouldnt have ate or drank or went to the bathroom anyway since she was in a stressful uncomfortable situation.

London Horton: Did you put the litter on the pee pads or no?

Aubrie Barker: London Horton: no. No litter. There isnt enough room in the in cabin carriers for them to dig into litter or get into a position to use the bathroom.

London Horton: Ok I figured. Thats why I was confused because I kept hearing we needed litter in them! Thank you for clarifying

Aubrie Barker: London Horton: no problem 😊

Melissa Lawrence: Paige Ellis:

Xander Leonard: Im flying the opposite. (Delta to Tokyo) Ive checked out these soft kennels for the flying. I double checked on the phone with delta about the kennel size, as well as the air port Im departing from. Ive also traveled long trips with my cat before just not on planes (18 hour drive) and he doesnt go to the bathroom. He nibbled at cat flakes which Ill post a pick bellow. Wet food is great especially since he doesnt want to drink water. He usually sleeps it off. My parents cat did the same thing during their travel (Michigan to South Carolina). Their cat only wanted wet food as well. Pads are great for emergencies for sure. Good luck to you guys! Safe travels!

Katelyn Lawrence: ^^ I have a similar one and it worked.

Aubrie Barker: My cat is the same. Ive traveled with her in 12 hour car rides and shes not hungry, thirsty or needs to use the bathroom until at our destination. Ive even had the litter box ready in the car in case but she just slept.

Xander Leonard: These are amazing for travel!

Xander Leonard: Xander Leonard:

Eden Armstrong: We used this one. Its actually made for Delta.
Sherpa Delta Pet Carrier Medium Black

Harlow Yates: Jarred Dover some good info 👍🏼

Paige Ellis: I did last week, soft kennel from px, wee wee pad inside and a collapsible water and food container inside

Kylee Hale: My cat meows the whole time she is in the kennel unless she can see you. Does anyone elses cat do this and if so what do you do to get them to be quite? This is her first trip flying.

London Horton: Mine does too but she eventually stops. Ive read you can get something from the vet to kind of sedate them I think. I might be wrong