Another question. For some reason this aftermarket break light is ALWA…

Another question. For some reason this aftermarket break light is ALWAYS on. Unless I push the switch for lighting level all the way up in the truck so that the dome light comes on. The factory light works fine when plugged up and I didnt have to do and splicing to install the after market one, does this mean the after market light came wired wrong?

Josh Marxen: If the factory light works then there is a good chance that something got shorted out in the aftermarket light when it got built. I would exchange it for another.

Trisha Garcia: I did a little Google digging and there was mention of possibly needing an adapter because of the sensitivity of leds vs the bulbs? Either way it looks like Ill be on the phone with customer service Monday 😣

Josh Marxen: The leds are soldered into a chip board. My guess would be some extra solder shorted out the board. Ive never ran into anything needing an adapter that wasnt built in.

Trisha Garcia: I may just use my old light this one came with a set of head and taillights but Ive got a trip coming up soon and I dont need this sucking on the battery.

Josh Marxen: Its probably a cheap one. I have done replacements and some of this cheap stuff coming out is pretty bad quality but everything is plug and play

Trisha Garcia: Yeah I wish it worked for a 300$ set

Trisha Garcia: I cut the yellow wire on my nerves light after doing some researching and it now works perfectly.