Another marriage question that may have been answered before: is it po…

Another marriage question that may have been answered before: is it possible to have a civil marriage ceremony like in a garden or beach and also have the Orthodox ceremony in a church say a week later/before? If so which one would you do first or it doesnt matter?

Sebastokrator Andrew Kollias: What would there be to do at such an event? The marriage certificate alone is the extent of civil marriage ceremony. Anything more simply is mimicry of Christian wedding ceremony by people who dont have such religious rites for themselves already.

Pamela Stump: This is commonly done in countries where the sacrament of matrimony and civil marriage have been completely separated.The religious ceremony (The sacrament) is done first, then a civil ceremony done at the registrars office a day or two later.However, a beach ceremony is rather useless at that point, because you are most thoroughly wedded already.(The church ceremony is done first for moral reasons.)In other countries, the priest is able to sign the wedding license/wedding certificate, so there is only one ceremony, the religious sacrament.If you werent Orthodox, I suppose you could then have a renewal of vows type ceremony on the beach, but since there are no vows in an Orthodox wedding, I am not sure what you would do at one.Bottom line: get married at church, and have your reception in a nice outdoor location. 🙂

Marinela Carpin: in romania such things are not allowed, you should marry un the church not on the beach or other places

Sinziana Anghel Vizinteanu: The question is whether a civil ceremony can be done on the beach and then the religious ceremony, normally in a church. In Romania the religious ceremony is not allowed outside the church, or well, you have to get a special dispensation from the Patriarchy.

Sinziana Anghel Vizinteanu: It is preferable to have your religious ceremony inside the church, so as long as you do that it doesnt really matter where the civil act is signed.You can of course have the civil marriage wherever you want, if the laws of your country allow it, but I would think it takes away from the uniqueness of the actual marriage sacrament, in the church.The religious ceremony will be unforgettable and I think its better to concentrate most on that day.You can have the civil marriage wherever you want and then go out with a few friends and family for dinner to celebrate, but save your energy for the big day.

Peter Ellis: In the US, our Greek Orthodox priest required us to have a wedding license from the civil authorities before he would marry us. Does this mean that we could have had a 2nd civil ceremony?

Pamela Stump: If he didnt sign the license. But, he did.

Peter Ellis: Pamela Stump the civil license is signed and notarized. The priest issues a church marriage certificate, which he signs.

Pamela Stump: Right, our priest signed both also.The issues are this:…See more

Peter Ellis: To the best of my knowledge, the church doesnt recognize a civil marriage. The priest does sign the license, but doesnt need any approval from civil authorities.

John Woolley: Ive heard American priests say theyll no longer sign marriage certificates, but leave all that up to the state, since marriage in the United States includes homosexual unions and they want nothing to do with it.

Pamela Stump: John, the OCA at least has talked about that, but no changes have been made yet. We were prepared to do the Orthodox ceremony and then a day or two later go sign whatever at the courthouse, but our priest said that would be unnecessary, he would sign the states marriage certificate. This was recent, just 6 months ago. The OCA discussions were almost two years ago.

Anastasios Tsatsakis: The only one that matters is the one in the Orthodox Church. That should be first to avoid the sins that will happen after any civil marriage.

Timothy Curtis: Both matter. The community contract the marriage between the couple and then the church blesses the marriage.

Elia Alexiades: Οικονομία folks. In American and other multicultural societies, this happens all the time. People are married civilly — city hall, justice of the peace, Vegas wedding chapel with Elvis impersonator, and yes, on the beach — and then go to have their marriage “blessed” by an Orthodox priest. Sure, there’s no such thing. The “blessing” has to be the actual sacrament of marriage. One counts and the other doesn’t? They both count for different reasons. Don’t think that should be allowed? You will just drive more people away from the Church.

Anastasios Tsatsakis: I don’t think anyone said they shouldn’t be allowed, but I did say that the Church marriage is the only one that matters.

Lana Kokayeff: The marriage in church already the marriage, so to speak. The repeat would be fake, and a mockery of the sacrament. I know its now the fashion to have a destination wedding…As a believing Orthodox Christian, I can never imagine myself getting married anywhere except in an Orthodox Church, in front of God, and with all the saints on the icons as witnesses.

Anastasios Tsatsakis: Amen… no place I’d rather be.

James Borum: My understanding if a couple who are Orthodox ( key word IS orthodox ) decide to have civil ceremony they risk losing the right to the sacraments until a priest blessing . The few Orthodox Ive known that married Roman catholics had the Orthodox servic…See more

Samir Tadrus: I know many orthodox priests who allow you to get married anywhere n perform the sacrament of marriage

Jeffrey Ignatius Turner: Its totally fine to have a destination wedding (ie: beach, resort, home, or wherever you want really). And if you want, that one can be the main one with all the guests, fancy clothes, free booze and whatever. The only people who need to attend the Church wedding are the couple, the Priest, a chanter and the Sponsor.In such a case its recommended to do the Church wedding first.However, if you do the other first, thats fine (its not the end of the world), but then you should do the Church one ASAP afterwards, and dont approach for Holy Communion until this is done.

Elia Alexiades: If you may have an outdoor liturgy, why not an outdoor marriage sacrament?

Paul Gerges: The whole point of the marriage ceremony is to be in the church and have God in the presence joining these two human beings to be one in unity. That’s the whole point, to start a beautiful life with God at the forefront. You are welcome to have receptions etc on the beach. The main purpose is stand in front of the altar as offering to each other. Both people die to one another and are resurrected as one body joined together by Christ.Nikola Stanojevic

Elia Alexiades: You don’t need to be inside a church building to be in His presence.

Paul Gerges: Your missing the point in general.

Elia Alexiades: Really? Which point is that?

Paul Gerges: I think you need to reread my post.