Alright guys. Got an embarrassing question. Cant figure out what ratio…

Alright guys. Got an embarrassing question. Cant figure out what ratio rear end I have on my 98 k1500. Rear end is shit and I found a complete low mileage g80 for cheap. Anyway. The truck doesnt have any rpo codes in the glove box and I cant find a tag or a stamp anywhere to save my life. Everytime I search my vin it comes up says it has a 342 to 373 max witch does me no good and makes no sense Trying to see if anyone can give me a more solid answer based off my vin. Maybe Im using the wrong site. Vin#2GCEK19RXW1150668 If anyone can help me out that would be awesome .

Ben Otto: Really, the best way to find out is to jack up the rear end and turn the wheel by hand. Then count the revolutions of the drive shaft. If you take careful note of the orientation of each, you can reliably figure it out. Use a Sharpie marker to help you.I personally dont know of a database to lookup the rear end ratio. While Im sure one exists, I dont think its common practice to use it. Jacking up the rear and counting rotations is much more common.

Ryan Rogers: Yeah seems like ill have to do that . I cant get solid info about this anywhere

Bryce Holmes: No tag on the diff?

Ryan Rogers: Nope none.

Bryce Holmes: Well, someone had definitely been in there. Have you tried the stealerships?

Ryan Rogers: I contacted some online help deal on the gm website. Says they cant get any info until Monday. Hopefully ill get an email.