A dum seo question – is there any (seo) reason when moving hosting tha…

A dum seo question – is there any (seo) reason when moving hosting that the registrar should also be changed to the new hosting company?

Caleb Santiago: No. In fact, I refuse to keep those two things together.

Maddison Adkins: May I ask why?

Maddison Adkins: ps. I do in fact still have one of my old websites registered with lunarpages and I havent hosted with them for about 10 years…

Ryan Moran: No, there is no SEO reason for that. I agree with Steve – its often sensible to keep your domain registrations separate from your hosting services. Reasons for me are:(1) you often get better deals that way, especially using a dedicated domain registrar (2) hosting companies are not always good registrars – in fact they are usually resellers rather than registrars. They may not have good alert systems in place to prevent you loosing your domain. May not know how to recover a domain for you or defend your domain against other parties.(3) You can then easily change hosting w/out extra cost – often happens when your favourite hosting company gets taken over by a larger player, leading to service drops, or they just slow down in general.(4) You can afford for your hosting company to go bust – but not your registrar. Loosing your domain is fatal, it is often expensive is not impossible to get back a good domain (even a bad one will get picked up and offered back to you for $3k+)Id argue that its also sensible to keep your DNS separate from your hosting company, for similar reasons. Nothing worse that hosting companies providing NS that go down with the rest of their network (or your box). You then have a very long wait to get back up and operational. Having DNS somewhere like Dyn, allows you to transfer hosting and get back online within minutes.

Wyatt Valdez: No SEO reason to move registrars. I concur with the others who said to keep them separate, and for the same reasons.

Mikayla Butler: zero, go with something like Cloudflare for your DNS, keep your domain wherever you are happy and comfortable, if you have a few domains, put them in the same control panel purely from a ease of use/access, sidenote, dont put your email on your hosting account either

Maddison Adkins: How would you have your email the same as your domain without doing that? Or wouldnt you? (mine redirect to Gmail)

Mikayla Butler: either use a different hosting account or use external service like MS Exchange or Google (MX records dictate where mail is delivered in DNS settings) – this way, your mail is not affected should the worst happen, also, most hosting is not geared towards redundant proper email for business/professional use

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